While researching living room sectionals, we couldn’t find many Arhaus sofa reviews online.

We bought the Arhaus Kipton Sectional with our own money and if you’re wondering whether Arhaus sectionals are worth it or not, we’re spilling all the details here!

In this post, we’re sharing our honest and NOT-sponsored review of the Arhaus Kipton Sofa.

Arhaus Sofa Reviews

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Best Arhaus Sofa

Arhaus Kipton Sectional Sofa

  • Comfort: 10/10
  • Supportive seat cushions
  • Simple and minimalist look
  • High quality

Researching the Best Arhaus Sofas

When we moved into our new custom home, we quickly realized that our current West Elm Andes sectional was too small to fill our large living room space.

So we started researching the best deep sectional sofas to see what would be the best sectional to buy! Our new sectional must-haves were comfort and durability, especially since we wanted a white couch if possible.

We came across the Arhaus furniture brand as a great place to purchase high-quality couches. After researching thoroughly, we narrowed down our search to these Arhaus sectional options:

Arhaus Sectional Reviews
Kipton Sectional in our Living Room

Why We Picked the Kipton Sofa

What ultimately drew us to the Kipton sofa was its beautiful minimalist aesthetic. We loved the Kipton’s clean lines, including its slim arms that don’t take up too much space.

It has a stunning classic and timeless look yet also a modern minimalist vibe which suits our home style perfectly!

Arhaus Kipton Sofa Reviews

Arhaus Sofa Review

TLDR Review – If you’re too lazy to read the whole detailed review, here is the short of it:

We absolutely love our Kipton Corner Sectional (in Nomad Snow Crypton Fabric) and think it’s 100% worth the price!

We personally thought its seat cushions were more supportive than the Beale sofa and love the simple and minimalist look of the Kipton!

The Arhaus Beale sectional is one of their most popular couches and is definitely a great alternative if you’re looking for a modular sectional.

We find the Arhaus Kipton sofa to be very high quality and literally the most comfortable couch we’ve tried (and we tried out a LOT of couches)!

Here is how the Kipton sectional looks in our living room:

Arhaus Sectional Review
Arhaus Kipton

For reference, our living room is 16 ft x 17 ft and the Kipton size we purchased was Medium (124″ Width x 124″ Depth x 35″ Height).

Continue reading for the rest of our thoughts on the Kipton, including more close-up photos, our showroom shopping experience, our performance Crypton fabric choice, purchasing a protection plan, and all of the pros and cons of this Arhaus sofa!

Arhaus Kipton Sectional

Arhaus Kipton Sofa: Pros and Cons


  • Helpful Arhaus Showroom Shopping Experience
  • Quick Shipping and White Glove Delivery
  • Beautiful Design and Aesthetics
  • Incredibly Comfortable
  • High Quality and Well Made
  • Durable Nomad Snow Crypton Fabric
  • Worry-Free Protection Plan


  • Expensive
Arhaus Couch

Arhaus Kipton: Pros

Arhaus Showroom Shopping Experience

We visited the showroom in person to try out some of the Arhaus sofa options we were eyeing. The showroom also had the wide-arm version of the Arhaus Kipton sofa, which had more of a similar look to the Beale.

I must say the Arhaus sofas were so much larger in person than what I had originally thought from browsing online. They are very large pieces of furniture and are made proportionately so they don’t look bulky but just be sure to double-check that the couch will fit in your space!

When we tried out the Kipton Corner Sectional in person, we instantly loved it and knew it was the one for us! The showroom sectional size shown below is in the Large size.

Arhaus Plush Linen
Visiting the Arhaus showroom and trying out the Large Kipton Corner Sectional (Plush Linen)

Before placing our order, we went back home to double-check that the Medium size would fit in our living room.

It was our first time visiting the Arhaus showroom and the salesperson who helped us shop around for a couch and other furniture was SO helpful and informative.

She was really attentive to us and patiently stayed with us as we tried out various Arhaus sectionals and asked questions. I think we were there for almost 2 hours somehow!

It was the most pleasant showroom experience we’ve ever had and we were blown away by her customer service. She continued to stay in touch via email and promptly answered any additional questions I had.

Even after our furniture was delivered, she reached out to see how it went and if all the pieces looked good!

Shipping and Delivery

I was curious to see whether the Arhaus delivery estimates would be accurate since other stores like West Elm delivery estimates are usually way off and can arrive much later than originally stated. Their delivery estimates ended up being extremely accurate which really impressed me!

After placing our order, we received our Arhaus sectional delivered to our home in 2 WEEKS which is insanely quick!

Arhaus Kipton

Obviously, the speed of delivery will depend on whether the item is in stock or not but I’ve ordered furniture from many stores before and usually a couch takes a long time to get delivered even if it was in stock.

We also ordered the Arhaus Hattie Glass Cabinet and Finnley 6-Drawer Dresser as part of our order to maximize the cost of the flat rate white glove delivery, which was $299.

You can call and ask to split your order into multiple deliveries while paying only the flat rate $299 cost. For us, they split our order into 2 separate deliveries at no extra charge since the dresser was going to take a couple of weeks longer to arrive than the sectional and cabinet.

In comparison, at other stores like West Elm or Pottery Barn, you’d have to wait until every item in your order is ready to be delivered before they make one single delivery.

I really liked that Arhaus offers multiple deliveries as part of the same order!

Arhaus Kipton

The white glove delivery went very smoothly and the delivery team was one of the most professional I’ve encountered in our numerous home deliveries. The furniture was very well packaged and protected, better than most I’ve seen. The delivery team of 3 was on time, friendly, and removed all packaging.

Even after they had already set up the sectional, I changed my mind on the placement and wanted it pushed back further and they were happy to help re-position the whole sectional for me.

Arhaus Sectional Reviews

Design and Aesthetics

The minimalist design of the Kipton sectional is what drew us to it in the first place and I just love the simple and classic look that it has!

Its clean and modern design complements our home style perfectly and love its slim arms that don’t take up too much space.

Arhaus Kipton Sofa

The Kipton is one of Arhaus’ most popular collections and I can easily see why!

For the Kipton Corner Sectional, you can pick from 3 available sizes:

  • Small – 111″ W x 111″ D x 35″ H
  • Medium – 124″ W x 124″ D x 35″ H
  • Large – 135″ W x 135″ D x 35″ H

For reference, our living room is 16 ft x 17 ft and the exact sectional configuration we bought was Kipton Corner Sectional in Nomad Snow Crypton Fabric:

  • Size: Medium
  • Depth: Deep 44″
Arhaus Sofa Review

Comfort (10 out of 10)

We’ve tried out a LOT of couches searching for a new one for our living room and the Kipton was by far our favorite and literally the most comfortable couch in our opinion!

Its high back cushion offers really great back support and the bottom seat cushions are SO supportive yet soft!

You really sink into the couch while lounging but still feel very supported and comfortable.

Arhaus Sofa

The back cushions are surprisingly very heavy! They’re filled very fully and designed extremely well for maximum comfort. The corner cushion area is my personal favorite to hang out and comfortably watch TV for hours!

There are 2 depth options to choose from:

  • Standard 40″
  • Deep 44″

We HIGHLY recommend the Deep 44″ version – it’s a must-have for maximum comfort!

To get a better idea of the depth, here is how my husband Tim (5’9″) fits on the couch:

Arhaus Sofa Review


Arhaus has a reputation for good quality sofas that are made in North Carolina.

The sturdy frame of the Kipton sofas are craftsman-built in America using eco-friendly cross-directional hardwood laminate, and its frame support system utilizes no-sag springs made from recycled steel.

The seat cushions are constructed with a dense foam made from partially plant-based material and padded with sterilized down and feathers. The seat cushions also contain a supportive core of interconnected coils crafted from recycled steel.

Arhaus Kipton Reviews

The back cushions are filled with resilient memory fiber and the back frame system is well-supported by a flexible elastic webbing.

Arhaus sofas are designed extremely well and you can really tell the difference in quality when sitting on it! The quality of their sectionals is what made us pull the trigger to purchase it ourselves.

Arhaus Kipton Sectional Reviews

Crypton Fabric – Nomad Snow

Arhaus is also known for their Crypton performance fabric which is designed to be both easy to clean and soft, all while maintaining great durability.

Their Crypton fabric is engineered with stain-resistant, odor-resistant, and moisture-resistant technology.

The Nomad Snow Crypton performance fabric is a very popular option and is the exact fabric we got for our couch!

Plush Linen
Arhaus Fabric Swatches

If you’re looking for a white sofa that is stain-resistant, Nomad Snow Crypton fabric enables you to enjoy the aesthetics of a white sofa while still having the durability that comes with a performance fabric.

What I really love about the Nomad Snow fabric is the subtle heathered look that brings some warm tones into the overall color. The couch still looks white overall but when you look closely, there are subtle brown specks that warm it up beautifully.

Crypton Nomad Snow is just a very pretty white in general!

Crypton Nomad Snow
Nomad Snow Crypton Fabric Swatch vs. Our Actual Sofa


You can order free fabric swatches online and these are the fabric options we narrowed it down to:

  • Crypton Nomad Snow
  • Plush Linen
  • Crypton Cushing Frost
  • Crypton Nomad Linen
Nomad Snow Crypton Fabric


I’ll also give an honorable mention to the Arhaus Plush Linen fabric – in the showroom they had the Plush Linen Kipton Corner Sectional on display and the fabric felt amazingly soft and plush.

For comparison, I would say Nomad Snow IS very soft but Plush Linen is even softer!

We ALMOST chose this instead of the Nomad Snow Crypton but in the end, we wanted a white couch and Nomad Snow was the perfect choice for that.

I love that you can choose from numerous fabrics to achieve a custom sofa look!

Crypton Fabric

Maintenance & Care

Rotate Cushions

To help the cushions wear evenly, we rotate the back cushions once a month and fluff them every so often, especially if there are certain seats that are the most sat on.

The bottom seat cushions are reversible so we also rotate those once a month to ensure even wear over time and help keep its shape.

Here is how our Kipton sofa looks without any fluffing for a couple weeks:

Arhaus Kipton Sofa
Before Fluffing

Here is how our Kipton sofa looks after fluffing:

Arhaus Kipton Sectional
After Fluffing

One thing we like about the Kipton couch is that it has a very lounge-y and inviting feel but the cushions don’t get that saggy easily.

For example, in comparison to the Restoration Hardware Cloud Couch, I feel like you would need to fluff the cushions after EVERY time you sit on it to make it not look sloppy.

That’s not the case with the Kipton and I’m glad we bought a low-maintenance sectional for our home.

Arhaus Kipton Sectional Review

How to Clean Crypton Fabric

From the Arhaus website, the instructions for cleaning are:

  • Crypton fabrics can be cleaned using clear, mild detergent and water. Do not bleach. For tough stains, rub with a soft brush. Blot with a clean towel, rinsing thoroughly; let air-dry.
  • Spot-clean upholstery using a clean, absorbent, undyed cloth with a blotting motion. Blot from the outside towards the middle of the soiled area to prevent rings. Never scrub.
Arhaus Sectional Reviews

Worry-Free Protection Plan

It’s helpful that Arhaus offers a Worry-Free Protection Plan for additional purchase on certain products, including their sofas.

It provides accidental damage coverage due to single incidents including any stains, dye transfer, human and pet bodily fluids, rips, tears, punctures, burns, fading caused by direct sunlight, etc.

For our sectional, we did end up purchasing a worry-free protection plan that covers 5 years and paid $399 for it.

We figured we were spending a lot of money on our white couch and consider it almost like insurance IN CASE anything happens, it will get fixed or replaced.

I’m not sure if it’s worth it because we haven’t had to use it yet but if we ever do, we will update this blog post on how our experience goes.

We only bought the worry-free plan for our sectional though, we did NOT add our Hattie Glass Cabinet or Finnley Dresser to the plan because those are lower risk for anything to happen and we didn’t think that would be worth the additional cost.

Worry Free Protection Plan
Arhaus Worry-Free Protection Plan

Arhaus Kipton: Cons


Okay now on to the not-so-fun part: the price.

This Arhaus sectional was very expensive at $8,497 for the Medium Deep 44″ Kipton configuration. I definitely had sticker shock when I first found out the price.

We’ve had prior experience with couches from West Elm and Macy’s and this was a HUGE step up in price for us.

I must say that the quality does reflect the jump in price though by a long shot. To compare, we were considering and almost bought the West Elm Haven Sectional which would have been around $5,000 for the 113″ configuration.

Although the West Elm Haven is still a comfortable couch, it’s not nearly as comfortable as the Kipton is. We gladly would pay for the Kipton for the increased comfort and quality.

The Kipton is also larger in size than the Haven which would account for some of the cost difference as well (Haven 113″ size vs. Kipton Medium 124″). We needed to fill more space in our large custom home living room and the Kipton helped do that for us!

In comparison to a high-end couch like the Restoration Hardware Cloud Couch, I’d say the pricing is similar to Arhaus couches depending if you are an RH member or not. We’ve tried out the Cloud Couch in person before and didn’t find it to be as supportive as the Kipton.

Even though this purchase did hurt our wallet (and we definitely questioned whether it would be worth it to buy an Arhaus couch or not), after using it every day we do think that it’s 100% worth the price.

We’re constantly blown away by how comfortable the Kipton is and how much we love it!

Arhaus Sofa Review

Conclusion: Should You Buy an Arhaus Kipton Sofa?

If you’re trying to decide on a new couch for your home and are wondering whether an Arhaus sofa will be worth the cost, I’m telling you that it is absolutely worth it!

The Arhaus sectional seat and back cushions are amazingly comfortable to lounge around on and we are super impressed with its quality!

We use our Nomad Snow sectional every day and it has held up great (even with a toddler at home).

We definitely did question whether we’re spending too much money on a sectional but given the beautiful design, high quality, comfort, and durability of this Arhaus sectional, we have no regrets at all!

The exact sectional configuration we bought was Kipton Nomad Snow Corner Sectional – Medium Size – Deep.

Best Arhaus Sofa

Arhaus Kipton Sectional Sofa

  • Comfort: 10/10
  • Supportive seat cushions
  • Simple and minimalist look
  • High quality

When we finish our basement in the future, I would definitely consider buying another Arhaus sectional for the theater area and maybe trying out the popular Beale Modular Sectional next time!

Arhaus Kipton Sectional Review
Our living room is 16 ft x 17 ft and we bought the Medium 124″ Kipton Sectional

We hope this Arhaus sofa review was helpful in deciding whether to buy the Kipton or not!

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Arhaus Sectional Reviews


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  1. Kelly says:

    Thank you for your review! Considering a sectional from Arhaus. How are the cushions holding up? We have a sectional from CB2 currently and it’s HORRIBLE. Been burned many times on sofas.

    • Viv & Tim says:

      Hi Kelly! Our cushions are holding up great and they’re amazing quality! One thing we always make sure to do is rotate the cushions every so often so they get even wear on the spots that we sit on the most and I think that helps so much (even if it’s not an Arhaus couch!)

  2. Shelley Fosse says:

    Thank you for your review. I love the nomad snow and the flecks of brown that warm it up. I’ve visited our showroom several times and haven’t pulled the trigger because I’m worried about keeping the white clean. I know I can get the protection plan but I know I won’t want to go through the pain of replacement unless there’s a major catastrophe. How does it hold up to normal family things like dirt from dogs or little spills? Our family of six can be on the messy side!

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    Looks great! Are the couch covers removable?

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