By now you’ve probably been inspired by Marie Kondo to clear out and organize all the stuff (or junk) in your house. Today let’s tackle our DRAWERS! While the Container Store is still organization heaven, it’s not always budget friendly… look no further than your local Dollar Tree for some great organizational products for ONLY $1 EACH!

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1) Clear Organizers

These clear organizers inserts are my MOST used items (especially the 3-compartment and long organizer). They are so versatile and I use them frequently throughout our kitchen, bathrooms and well… pretty much everywhere! Some of the options come with clear lids too which comes in super handy!

Drawer Organization Dollar Store Best Products


2) White and Black Bins

These are surprisingly really sturdy bins and have the added grip on the bottom of it. It’s useful for things that tend to roll around more or need a little bit of padding for protection. Impressive quality and such great value for only $1!

Drawer Organization Dollar Store Best Products

3) Mesh Organizers

These mesh organizers would be great used in office drawers to organize paper clips, pens, etc. I’ve bought similar mesh organizers from Target before for a LOT more and wish I had come across these earlier. These are a little shallower than other ones I’ve seen, but for the price they function just fine!

Drawer Organization Dollar Store Best Products

Do yourself a favor, SAVE MONEY while organizing and head to the Dollar Tree to pick up a whole bunch of these.

I have always had to make multiple trips back to the store to purchase more bins once I’ve found a bin that fits great in a certain drawer, SO I’ve learned to just buy more than what you think you need (Dollar Tree accepts exchanges). That way, you’ll have more options to use when configuring the drawer the way it works best for you AND you won’t need to pause your decluttering process in the midst of a huge mess to run to the store to buy more. I speak from experience. You’re welcome. Happy organizing!

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