I bought the Caraway Cookware set with my own money to test and see if it’s worth the hype!

This is NOT sponsored – just sharing my honest thoughts and personal experience to help in case you’re researching whether to buy it or not.

With the rise in popularity of eco-friendly and non-toxic cookware in the past few years, I’ve seen Caraway ads all over Instagram. It’s hard not to miss!

After hearing about the negative effects of Teflon in cookware, I’ve been wanting to replace all my cookware with non-toxic, non-chemical versions. When we moved into our new house, I decided to purchase this pretty set from Caraway Home!

Here is my review of the Caraway Cookware Set (I bought the Cream color)!

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Caraway Cookware

What is Caraway Cookware?

Caraway is a premium collection of high-quality pieces known for their stylish design, non-toxic, and eco-friendly materials. Caraway Home offers a range of cookware options, from non-stick pans to Dutch ovens, all carefully crafted for functionality and aesthetics.

Per their website, their nonstick cookware is made of “high quality ceramic-coated aluminum cookware free of PTFE (such as Teflon®), lead, cadmium, and other toxic materials that can make their way into your food.”

Top Benefits

The top benefits and features of the Caraway line are:

  • Non-Toxic – Made without any toxic materials
  • Easy Cooking – Ceramic non-stick surface
  • Aesthetic Design – Beautiful cookware in various fun colors
Caraway Cookware

Popular Caraway Products


Caraway Cookware Set

The Caraway Cookware Set is their best-selling set of 4 non-toxic & non-stick pans. It comes in various pretty colors, like Cream, Navy, Perracotta, and Sage, within their Classic, Iconics, and Monochrome collections.

I decided to purchase the Cookware Set in the Cream color as a start to try out a variety of their pots and pans first and see how they hold up before deciding to buy more of the collection. Over time, I’d like to replace all my kitchen pots and pans with non-toxic versions!


Caraway Cookware and Minis Set

The expanded Cookware & Minis Set includes what comes with the regular cookware set in addition to a mini pot and a mini pan. The mini pan is so cute and would be great for frying eggs for breakfast and makes for a quicker cleanup.


They have many other popular product categories to browse including:

Caraway Cookware Review:

Delivery & Unboxing

After placing my order, shipping was very fast and the cookware set was delivered within days! It comes packaged in a pretty box and definitely makes you excited to start unboxing right away.

Caraway Box

Everything was very well packaged and very secure. We didn’t notice any product damage or defects at all.

Caraway Cookware Pots
Caraway Pans
Caraway Cookware Lids

What’s included in the Cookware Set?

The Cookware Set includes a 10.5″ frying pan, 3 qt. sauce pan with lid, 6.5 qt. dutch oven with lid, 4.5 qt. sauté pan with lid, 4 modular magnetic pan racks and a canvas lid holder with hooks.

Caraway Cookware Reviews

We mainly use the 10.5″ Frying Pan for frying eggs for breakfast and other smaller batches of cooking.

Caraway Pans

The 11.8″ saute pan is what we use the most out of the whole set! I love cooking pasta in this since the edges are raised at a nice height to contain the sauce while still getting even heat distribution on the bottom.

Caraway Cookware Reviews

The Dutch Oven holds 6.5 quarts and I use this all the time to make soup and curry. It’s the perfect size and is so easy to clean!

Caraway Dutch Oven

The 3 qt. Sauce Pan is great for heating up soup, cooking ramen noodles, or smaller batches of pasta.

Caraway Sauce Pan
Caraway Home Cookware

Caraway Review: Pros & Cons


  1. Non-Toxic and Safe
  2. Beautiful Aesthetically-Pleasing Design
  3. Nonstick & Easy to Cook With
  4. Easy to Clean
  5. Comes with Space-Saving Organizers


  1. Canvas Lid Holder Doesn’t Fit Our Cabinet Door
  2. Unsure About How Long the Non-stick Coating Will Last

Pro: Non-Toxic and Safe

The best feature about Caraway products is that they are made without any toxic materials like PFAS, PFOA, PTFE (teflon), or other chemicals. I can rest assured that the food I’m serving my family is safe and chemical-free.

Caraway Cookware

Pro: Beautiful Aesthetically-Pleasing Design

The Cream color is STUNNING and creates such a homey feel in the kitchen. It looks beautiful on the stove and really completes our modern kitchen look!

We get compliments on these Caraway pots and pans all the time and guests always ask where they’re from! The stainless steel handles are great quality and very hefty.

Is Caraway Worth It

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Is Caraway Worth It

Pro: Nonstick & Easy to Cook With

The non-stick ceramic coating works extremely well and you are able to use minimal oil or butter to cook with because the food just glides around! The Caraway fry pan heats evenly and cooks our food well.

Caraway Cookware Review

Pro: Easy to Clean

The ceramic coating makes these pots and pans super easy to wash and clean as well! The set comes with a handy Cleaning Eraser sponge to help remove stains and keep them looking as good as new.

Pro: Comes with Space-Saving Organizers

The included Magnetic Pan Racks that come with the set are so handy for storing these pots and pans in an upright position saving so much space! It even fits the Dutch Oven which usually is hard to find where to store in the kitchen.

The pan organizer fits nicely in our cabinet (shown below) and is one of my favorite features of the cookware set.

Caraway Cookware Organizer

Con: Canvas Lid Holder Doesn’t Fit Our Cabinet Door

However, the included Canvas Lid Holder was a bit of a disappointment for me since it was too long for our cabinet door.

Our cabinet door height is 23″ and I didn’t realize that the organizer actually wouldn’t fit this cabinet door! The bottom of the lid holder would prevent the cabinet door from closing all the way.

Caraway suggests hanging it on a tall cabinet door but I feel like we have standard-height cabinets and that would not work anywhere in our kitchen, except the sink cabinet (which we wouldn’t hang it there anyway).

Caraway Cookware Organization

Instead, we just store the lid organizer right inside the cabinet, which works okay for the time being.

Caraway Cookware Storage

Con: Unsure About How Long the Non-stick Coating Will Last

My friend who bought Caraway told me that after a year the nonstick ceramic coating wore off. She contacted Caraway to see if any warranty would be covered but they said that their pots and pans shouldn’t be used on high heat since it will wear out the ceramic coating quicker.

Even knowing the coating may wear off, I still went ahead and purchased this set anyway because I wanted safe and non-toxic cookware regardless. However, I am careful to not turn up the heat too high to try to preserve the coating as long as possible. The maximum heat setting to use would be Medium.

How to Care For and Clean Ceramic Cookware

I didn’t read up on how to properly care for my new Caraway products before purchasing but definitely familiarize yourself with these because they’re not that obvious!

On the Caraway website’s Care & Clean page, it states:

  • Ceramic can hold heat more efficiently than traditional pans, so use pans on low to medium heat when cooking. Overheating can wear away the non-stick coating.
  • Avoid using oil sprays or cooking aerosols for greasing pans to preserve the naturally slick coating.
  • After cooking: Let your cookware cool completely before running cold water over its surface to avoid thermal shock (meaning it might crack—yikes!). Your pans can withstand extreme temperatures on both ends of the spectrum, but sudden and significant changes can reduce their lifespan.

I picked out a few points that may not be intuitive but be sure to read the full care instructions on their website.

Caraway Cookware

In Conclusion: Is Caraway Worth It?

So, is Caraway worth it? For peace of mind that my food is free of any toxic chemicals, I think it’s 100% worth the price.

Not to mention they look SO pretty on the kitchen stove and it’s almost like decoration for the kitchen! They’re also really great to gift to loved ones with how nicely they are packaged.

Again, I bought this with my own money, and this post is NOT sponsored!

I do recommend getting the Cookware Set first and then deciding if you want to add more to your collection after seeing if you like it!

I personally love the Cream color which has a stunning neutral look and complements any home style!

I was very impressed with this cookware and I must say it does live up to the hype. I’ll be sure to update this post and share how the cookware wears over time.

Next, I’m eyeing the Minis Duo to add to my cookware collection (the mini frying pan is just adorable) and I plan to purchase the Cream Bakeware Set as well for a beautiful matching set to bake with!

Where to Buy Caraway Cookware

You can purchase the cookware set directly from the Caraway Home website and it’s also now available to purchase conveniently on Amazon!

Caraway Cookware Set


If you want to try out individual cookware items first, you can purchase them individually on their website as well. Here is the rest of the Caraway product lineup:

I hope this Caraway Cookware review was helpful for you! For modern home decor inspiration, follow on Instagram @vivandtim.home!



Caraway Cookware Reviews

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