Searching for modern Christmas decor ideas to try in your home?

I rounded up 15 Christmas decorating ideas that are simple and easy to incorporate into your holiday decor this season.

Modern Christmas Decor in Living Room

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I also shared the best flocked Christmas trees to buy for a beautiful neutral foundation for your Christmas decorations.

Continue reading for modern Christmas decor inspiration that’s easy to achieve!

1. Neutral Christmas Tree Color Scheme

Christmas Tree Ideas

To decorate for Christmas in a modern style, less is more!

A neutral Christmas color scheme creates an aesthetic vibe that lets the greenery from the Christmas tree and garland stand out.

This creates a calm and welcoming space that’s perfect for a modern holiday home.

2. Flocked Christmas Trees

Amazon 7.5 ft Flocked Christmas Tree

Amazon 7.5 ft Flocked Christmas Tree

This affordable Christmas tree offers amazing value for the low price and has high ratings with 9,000+ reviews!


Amazon Prime

Flocked Christmas trees are my favorite type of tree to incorporate into my Christmas decor since they have a magical snow-covered look that is so beautiful!

This is an easy way to make a big impact and instantly elevate your living room decor.

I personally decorate a flocked tree in my living room each year and wouldn’t change it!

For more ideas, check out these 15 prettiest flocked Christmas trees to buy this season, along with close-ups of the exact one I bought!

Christmas Decor Ideas

3. Yearly Dated Ornaments

Modern Christmas ornaments

A couple of years ago, I started a tradition of placing a photo in these yearly dated Pottery Barn ornaments to commemorate our favorite highlight of that year to remember.

I purchase a new Pottery Barn dated ornament every year and it’s so rewarding to look back on all our favorite family memories over the years!

I always buy the same round white ornament version to create a consistent look on our Christmas tree.

4. Modern Christmas Pillows

Amazon Plaid Throw Pillow

Amazon Plaid Throw Pillow

These are my favorite plaid pillows I’ve used for years in my living room for Christmas decor!


Amazon Prime

Christmas throw pillows don’t have to look tacky with cheesy sayings on it!

I love the plaid throw pillows mentioned above for their subtle nod to cozy holiday decor and pair nicely with other pops of green or red.

Christmas Decor Throw Pillows

Below is how I arranged these Christmas pillows in my living room to give a subtle nod to the holidays without being too in-your-face.

For more inspiration, check out this post where I shared how to decorate your living room with Christmas throw pillows in a modern and aesthetic way.

Christmas Home Decor in living room
Modern Christmas pillows in my living room

5. Copper Christmas Tree Color Scheme

Christmas Decor Ideas

Using copper or rose gold as your main accent color is a beautiful and modern way to decorate for the holidays!

I love the warmth and subtle pop of color that copper ornaments bring to any space.

It creates an understated, yet festive look that complements any neutral living room decor you may already have!

For more decorating ideas, check out this post on how to decorate a minimalist Christmas tree!

6. Christmas Tree Star

Christmas Decor Star Tree Toppers

Christmas tree decorations wouldn’t be complete without a tree topper to finish the look.

Whether you prefer simple and clean, or a sparkly festive look, check out this curated list of the best tree toppers!

I also shared close-ups of the exact tree topper I bought for my Christmas decor and use every year!

LED Moravian Star Tree Topper

LED Moravian Star Tree Topper

We’ve used this exact tree topper that lights up for years and love its minimalist look!


Amazon Prime

7. Cozy Plaid Throw Blankets

Living Room Christmas Decor

One simple way to cozy up your living room Christmas decorations is to incorporate a plaid throw blanket that instantly reminds you of the holiday season.

Flannel throw blankets look great in any living room style and are also functional to keep you warm while lounging on the couch.

8. Red Berry Picks

Christmas Tree with red berry picks decor

Considering adding red berry picks throughout your Christmas tree to add more depth and layers to your decorations besides ornaments.

Every year I decorate my Christmas tree with these red berry picks and I typically use a total of 8 berry picks throughout, but you can use however many or little you’d like!

9. Christmas Tree Skirt

Amazon Find
Amazon Christmas Tree Skirt

Amazon Christmas Tree Skirt

Love this affordable tree skirt with a pretty white cable knit look and braided border!


Amazon Prime

Christmas tree skirts are the finishing touch to cover up the ugly tree stand while functioning as a pretty backdrop to your presents underneath the tree.

Picking a tree skirt that incorporates texture into your Christmas decor, such as a cable knit or faux fur tree skirt, will make your home extra cozy and inviting!

I rounded up the best Christmas tree skirts to buy that have a modern and classy look!

10. Classic Green Color Scheme

Christmas Home Decor Ideas

If you have an existing neutral color scheme for your living room home decor and furniture, a classic green color palette would look amazing against the existing white and cream color tones!

Incorporate green tones through throw pillows and Christmas greenery to create a modern and classy look.

11. Christmas Wall Art

Christmas Wall Decor on living room picture ledge

This modern Reindeer and “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” wall art is a low-cost way to decorate your walls for the holidays!

The neutral background of these printables complements any existing decor you may already have.

To browse more neutral Christmas wall art options, check out this post!

12. Christmas Garland on Mantel

Christmas Decor in Living Room

If you have a mantel above the fireplace, a Christmas garland is an easy way to bring a festive feel to your living room.

You can incorporate mini Christmas trees along the mantel as well for a full and complete look!

13. Christmas Tree Collar

Christmas Decor Tree Collars

Christmas tree collars have risen in popularity over the past few years since you don’t have to worry about the tree skirt getting messed up from presents or kids.

It’s a modern replacement of the traditional tree skirt and is a beautiful choice to complete your tree decor!

Top Pick
Christmas Tree Collar

Amazon Woven Christmas Tree Collar

We love this affordable Amazon tree collar since it comes in multiple pieces that make it easy to store away when the season is over.

14. Christmas Wreath for Front Door

Christmas Porch Decor Ideas

You don’t have to create an elaborate entryway when decorating for the holidays. It can be as simple as just hanging a modern Christmas wreath that makes a big impact!

This creates a beautiful and inviting entry for guests while entertaining this season.

15. Modern Christmas Stockings

amazon find
Amazon Knit Christmas Stockings

Amazon Knit Christmas Stockings

These textured stockings bring warmth and coziness to your Christmas decor!


Amazon Prime

The style of Christmas stocking you choose can make a big difference in your Christmas decor style.

I personally love incorporating a knit look to create texture and a feeling of coziness to the living room.

The neutral color complements any decor you already have and is an aesthetic way of decorating for the holidays!


Living Room Christmas Decor Ideas

I hope you were able to find lots of Christmas decor ideas and pick out some beautiful new decorations to try in your home this season!

From Christmas tree toppers to modern throw pillows, any of these modern Christmas decorations will help create a cozy and inviting holiday home.

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Christmas Decor Ideas

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