In this post, we’re sharing our Delta faucet reviews with our honest thoughts and experiences.

We have two Delta Trinsic kitchen faucets in our home in Matte Black and Champagne Bronze versions.

The first Delta faucet we had originally was the Matte Black Voice IQ Delta Trinsic kitchen faucet that we ordered for our previous kitchen. We have since moved to our new home and brought that same faucet with us to install in the garage.

We actually loved it so much that we decided to buy a new Touch2O Delta Trinsic kitchen faucet for our custom home kitchen but this time in the Champagne Bronze version to suit our new kitchen aesthetic.

Delta Kitchen Faucet Reviews

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Our Delta faucet reviews will be split into two parts since we’ve had different experiences with each of the two Delta faucets we’ve used over the years.

The first part will be all about our champagne bronze Touch2O Delta faucet and the second review will be on the matte black Voice IQ Delta faucet version.

Touch2O Delta Trinsic Kitchen Faucet Review

Christmas Tree Collar

Touch2O Delta Trinsic Kitchen Faucet

The Touch2O Delta Trinsic Faucet is the exact faucet we chose for our custom kitchen! We loved the subtle gold color along with the touch functionality.

Delta Faucet Champagne Bronze

The Delta Trinsic Gold Kitchen Faucet is the exact Delta pull-down kitchen faucet we chose for our new custom kitchen!

We had the matte black Delta Trinsic faucet in our previous home and loved the look and functionality so much that we wanted the gold version for our new home.

Champagne Bronze Color

Delta Trinsic Faucet

I love that the Champagne Bronze color is more of a subtle gold color and looks great when wanting to mix metals in a kitchen.

For example in our home, we have the Champagne Bronze faucet and pot filler, mixed with matte black cabinet hardware for a modern custom kitchen look.

Other gold kitchen faucets that we considered were often too vibrant of a gold color and we really liked that this Delta faucet gold was more of a muted gold.

Best Delta Faucet Features

Delta Faucet Review

Our favorite features of the Delta Trinsic faucet are the touch activation and LED light that tells you the water temperature.

The LED light will turn blue if cold water is running, red for hot, and purple for in between. With this handy feature, you’ll never burn your hands if the water is too hot or have to physically test the water temperature again.

We had the VoiceIQ version with our previous matte black Trinsic faucet and didn’t find that we EVER used that function, so we went with the Touch2O version this time around and it’s been perfect for us!

Delta Kitchen Faucet Reviews


As for installation, our delta faucet was installed by the custom home builder’s plumber this time and there weren’t any install issues.

However, around 6 months after moving into our new house and using our Delta faucet, the responsiveness of the Touch2O activation became super spotty and often would not turn on when we tapped it or used the handle lever.

Touching the faucet would turn on the indicator light, but water would not come out.

We asked our builder about troubleshooting and they said to switch the batteries which we tried and it ended up working.

We were actually surprised to hear that our kitchen faucet was using batteries because we had thought that it would get power straight from the outlet that we had purposely installed for our kitchen faucet.

Delta Kitchen Faucet Reviews

It turns out that only the VoiceIQ faucet comes with the power adapter, and we didn’t realize the Touch2O Delta faucet only comes with the battery pack. We had the VoiceIQ version in our previous house so we just assumed it came with the same parts.

We didn’t install this particular faucet ourselves so we didn’t realize it was using batteries. The six AA batteries lasted us around 6 months.

You can buy an affordable power supply from Amazon to install with the Touch2O faucet if you have an outlet to plug into under your sink. We bought this so that we wouldn’t have to replace batteries anymore.

As for our original matte black Delta faucet, we DID install that one ourselves and have more to share about the installation experience below!

VoiceIQ Delta Trinsic Kitchen Faucet Review

Christmas Tree Collar

Delta Trinsic VoiceIQ Kitchen Faucet

The VoiceIQ Delta Trinsic Faucet is a great option if you are interested in the smart features, but we never ended up using them and would recommend going with the Touch2O version.

In our previous home, we first used the Delta Trinsic VoiceIQ kitchen faucet in Matte Black and loved the upgrade from our standard builder-grade faucet.

Delta Faucet Reviews


Unfortunately, when our Delta faucet was delivered we realized that it came with a damaged part. The plastic ring that sits on the counter was damaged in shipping and had a few scratch marks.

I quickly contacted Delta customer service for a replacement part but was told that the part was discontinued.

In the end, we decided to go ahead and use the damaged part since the scratch marks faced the back of the faucet. But this did make me a little worried about the availability of replacement parts if we needed any in the future.

Delta Faucet Reviews

Delta Faucet Installation

Before receiving the faucet, I installed an outlet in the cabinet under the sink, as the VoiceIQ variant of the faucet requires a power outlet.

Luckily we already had an electrical box that supplied power to the dishwasher and garbage disposal. All I needed to do was wire up a GFCI outlet in the existing box.

Installation of the faucet was straightforward as the included instructions were surprisingly detailed.

The entire job took around 1.5 hours from start to finish. I took my time making sure there were no leaks at all of the connections.

Overall I was happy with how easy the installation was.

Connecting to WiFi for VoiceIQ

While the installation process was easy, I found the process for connecting the faucet to WiFi a little dated.

Instead of a mobile app, you’ll need to manually connect your phone to the WiFi network that the faucet broadcasts, navigate to in a web browser, and then you’ll be guided through the setup process.

Given how expensive the faucet is, I’d expect Delta to have a mobile app that simplifies this process.

Delta Trinsic Kitchen Faucet Pulldown

VoiceIQ Smart Home Features

The main smart feature of the faucet is being able to turn the water on and off with a voice command.

Unfortunately, the voice command is quite a few words to remember. I can’t speak for the Alexa integration, but for the Google Assistant the voice command is “Hey Google, ask Delta Faucet to turn on water”.

To fix this issue I set up a custom Google Home Routine and simplified the command to “Hey Google, turn on the faucet.”

The other VoiceIQ feature is the ability to dispense a certain amount of water. We never ended up using this feature naturally at all in our day-to-day.

In our opinion, the smart features of the Delta faucet are underwhelming. The only smarts of the faucet is a controllable valve that opens and closes. Perhaps if the faucet could smartly control the temperature or pressure of the water, the VoiceIQ would be easier to recommend.

Touch2O Features

However, we do love the Touch2O feature of the Delta faucets. It’s so nice to be able to turn the water on and off with our wrists when we have dirty hands without getting the faucet handle wet.

LED Indicator

As we mentioned previously, on this Delta faucet there is an LED indicator on the base of the faucet that illuminates when the water is on. The color of the LED ranges from blue to red indicating the temperature of the water, which is a feature we love!

Delta Faucet Review


If you’re debating whether to buy a Delta faucet or not, we’ve tested two different Delta faucets in our kitchen and ended up having a great experience with both!

The Delta faucet color options to choose from include Arctic Stainless, Black Stainless, Chrome, Matte Black, and Champagne Bronze.

The matte black color is modern and sleek while the brushed gold color is understated and elegant. Both are great choices and would look amazing in any kitchen style.

If you’re wondering whether to buy the VoiceIQ or Touch2O faucet, if you don’t see yourself using the smart features very often, go for the Touch2O.

It’s a big price jump to the VoiceIQ version and we didn’t find that functionality to be worth it considering how little we used it (basically never) and would suggest the Touch2O instead.

If you’re debating between the standard version and Touch2O, we really love the Touch2O Delta kitchen faucet functionalities and would highly recommend it!

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