Searching for inspiring fall decor ideas to try in your home?

In this post, I rounded up 11 fall home decor ideas that are simple and easy to incorporate into your home to create a cozy and inviting ambiance.

Fall Decor Living Room

I also shared the best fall decor to buy to achieve an autumn look you’ll love, even on a budget.

Continue reading to learn how to decorate for fall in a modern and classy way!

For more seasonal home inspiration, check out these modern fall porch decor ideas to try!

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11 Best Fall Decor Ideas:

1. Plaid Throw Pillows

Amazon Plaid Throw Pillow Cover

Amazon Plaid Throw Pillow Cover

These are my favorite plaid pillows I’ve used for years in my living room for modern fall decor!


Amazon Prime

One of my favorite ways to decorate for fall in a modern way is switching out your throw pillow covers to this Amazon plaid throw pillow cover!

I use these exact affordable plaid pillows every year starting in the fall season and keep them out all throughout winter since they pair nicely with Christmas decor as well.

They have a subtle and modern look and are great quality!

2. Modern Fall Stems

Fall Decor 09

Switching out your greenery to fall floral stems is an easy way to incorporate an autumn feel into your home.

Think of a console table, coffee table, or kitchen island to add fall stems to a pretty vase!

3. Brown and Tan Color Scheme

Cozy Fall Living Room

If you’re not into a bright orange and yellow in-your-face fall color scheme, deep browns and tan works beautifully to create a moody autumn feel without being too obvious.

I love how cozy this space feels with brown throw pillows and ceramic vases that give off a subtle fall vibe.

4. Plaid or Checkered Rugs

I love this affordable and popular Amazon plaid area rug that instantly gives off a cozy and inviting fall look.

If you don’t want to switch out a whole area rug, a kitchen runner is super easy to swap out for a new seasonal look.

5. Fall Throw Blankets

Fall Decor 10

As the weather gets chiller, you can’t go wrong with too many cozy throw blankets to keep you warm!

I love these pretty plaid throw blankets that instantly add an autumn feel to a living room. You can either incorporate a sense of fall through a rust orange color or flannel patterned blanket on your couch!

6. Fall Front Porch Outdoor Rug

One easy way to decorate your front porch for fall is swapping out your outdoor rug for this Amazon buffalo checkered outdoor rug!

This outdoor rug has over 3,000 reviews on Amazon with many customer photos to browse and see how it turned out.

7. Burnt Orange Autumn Color Scheme

Fall Decor 08

You can opt for a classic fall color scheme for your living room with a burnt orange color palette.

Cozy throw pillows that have rust or burnt orange colors work perfectly paired with neutral throw pillows to balance it all out.

8. Autumn Minimalist Wall Art

For a subtle fall decor look, consider incorporating this budget-friendly Amazon minimalist fall wall art for a new gallery wall or just swapping out a few existing art frames throughout your house.

9. Lots of Candles

Fall Decor Ideas 3

To bring more coziness into your home through fall decor, candles are an easy way to set the ambiance.

I personally bought and recommend this kid-friendly Amazon flameless candle set for my coffee table and shelf decor which helps to set the mood each evening!

These pillar LED candles have over 20,000 reviews on Amazon and look realistic when they flicker.

10. Amber Vase Decor

Best Fall Decor

I love bringing in amber vases for a subtle fall decor look throughout my home.

They bring a rich and warm color that has a slight nod to fall without being too obvious.

These Amazon amber vases come in either small or medium and would look amazing on a coffee table!

11. Plaid Kitchen Towels

Swapping out your kitchen towels for a fall-inspired plaid look is an easy idea to bring autumn into your kitchen decor.

These Amazon plaid kitchen towels are super affordable, have over 3,000 ratings, and come in a pack of 4!

Conclusion: Easy Fall Decor Ideas

I hope you were able to find lots of inspiration to decorate and pick out some simple fall decor ideas to try in your home!

From fall stems to plaid rugs, any of these modern fall decorations will help create a cozy and inviting home to enjoy this season.

Fall Decor Stems in living room

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