It’s official – we own dirt! We just closed on our land where we will build our future custom home and things are starting to feel a lot more real. What was a dream of ours might actually happen!

In this post, we’re sharing all about how we found our land and why we chose this lot to build on.

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How We Found Land For Our Custom Home Build

Finding a Custom Home Neighborhood

How we found our lot was actually through researching custom home builders in the area! 

While checking out various builder’s websites, most of the builders would include custom home neighborhoods that they regularly build in. In these custom home neighborhoods, it’s not just one builder building all the houses – each house is a unique, custom built house and you can pick any builder you want.

We came across one particular neighborhood that was closer to the area we wanted to be in and actually went to check it out ourselves and really liked the overall feel that it had! For over a year, we kept an eye on the neighborhood and how fast the lots were selling, while figuring out whether we really wanted to build custom or not.

Making an Offer on the Land

A couple months ago, my parents found a house that they ended up purchasing not too far away from this neighborhood, so we decided to look into buying this land a lot more seriously. We found a realtor who does a lot of land and new construction transactions to help us look for other vacant land options, but after seeing what else was out there, we decided that we loved this particular neighborhood and made an offer. Thirty days later, we closed on the lot!

How to find land for custom home build, building a house blog, new home construction blog
Closing Day on our Lot!

Why We Chose Our Lot 

When comparing the vacant home sites available in our neighborhood, we were drawn to our particular lot due its size, cost, and location. 


Our lot size is 17,000 sq ft (100 ft wide, 170 ft deep) which was around 20 ft deeper than the other available lots. 


It was also priced cheaper than the other lots, so it made sense to us to get the cheaper lot with more square footage. 


Another reason why we liked our lot was because out of the 4 homes that would surround our house, 3 had already been built for a while and there was only the empty next door lot that would be building in the near future as well. 

We liked that this would limit the amount of construction that would directly be around us while living there. In contrast, other lots that were available in the neighborhood had zero houses built around that whole area, so we most likely would have been surrounded by construction for a long time. 

Additionally, with the surrounding houses already built for a while, we would know exactly what the view was from our backyard right away and would be able to create more privacy in the backyard right from the start. 

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From Instagram: Our Custom Home Build Announcement

We’re very excited (and nervous) for this new build journey ahead! Getting our land was the first real step to making our custom home dream a reality and we’ll be documenting EVERYTHING – sharing the process of building, what we learned, mistakes along the way, and of course, all our home design ideas! 

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