In this Monogram appliances review, we share why we chose this range, the pros and cons, and if we think it’s worth the money.

While researching high-end ranges for our custom kitchen, we couldn’t find many GE Monogram reviews online.

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Monogram Range in Kitchen

At the showroom, we loved the Monogram 48” All Gas Professional Range and bought this exact model for our custom home.

We also purchased the Monogram dishwasher and drawer microwave to match.

I remember how overwhelming selecting kitchen appliances can be, so hopefully our first-hand experience with these Monogram appliances can help your buying decision!

Monogram Range in Kitchen

You can find more details on how we picked out our high-end kitchen appliances here.

Who Makes Monogram Appliances?

Monogram is a brand under the GE Appliances umbrella, which offers the company’s highest-end appliances.

We didn’t realize that Monogram was a part of GE initially since all of their branding is Monogram.

But you can quickly tell that they’re a part of GE as you need to register the appliance at GE’s website.

The smart app used for the Range, Smart HQ, is also the same app used for all other GE appliances.

We were initially worried about this since we had a few problems with lower-end GE appliances in the past and hadn’t even heard of Monogram before.

However, the showroom salesperson we talked to mentioned that at least in the Chicago area where we are located, GE is very easy to schedule service repairs if needed and that Monogram (in general) is pretty reliable.

We’ve used our range for a year now and so far there have been no issues.

Monogram Range in Kitchen
In Our Home: 48″ Monogram All Gas Professional Range

How We Chose the Monogram 48” Range

When browsing kitchen appliances in the showroom, we were immediately drawn to the beautiful contemporary design of the Monogram range.

Monogram Range in Kitchen

This quickly became our top choice and we knew that this appliance look would integrate well into our modern kitchen design!

The ring-lit LEDs surrounding the brass range knobs were also something we loved! This modern accent lighting is a beautiful way to highlight the control knobs.

Monogram Range Control Knobs

Monogram All Gas vs. Dual-Fuel Range

If you’re trying to decide between the Monogram All Gas Range or Dual-Fuel Professional Range, here are a few differences.

From our research, the dual-fuel version has electric heat which is better for baking, while gas heat is better for roasting.

Monogram Range with Oven Doors Open

For us, we don’t do a ton of baking, so we decided to save quite a bit of money by going with the gas-only range.

If you do decide to get the dual-fuel range, note that electrical requirements are 240V; 50A while the All Gas range needs 120V; 15A.

We decided to go with the All Gas version of the 48” range (Model: ZGP486NDT) instead of the dual-fuel version (Model: ZDP484NGTSS) to save money and have not regretted it.

If baking is very important to you or you want the grill feature, then the dual-fuel range is also a popular choice so it just comes down to personal preference.

Monogram 48" Range Griddle

Available Range Sizes

The Monogram range options come in 30”, 36”, or 48” sizes for All Gas and Dual-Fuel versions.

If you want a Monogram Induction Range, you can choose from 30” and 36” sizes.

What We Like

1. Aesthetics

Our favorite aspect of the Monogram 48-inch range is its modern minimalist aesthetic.

The range design is so unique and we instantly fell in love with it when browsing range options in the showroom.

Monogram Range in Kitchen

The brass knobs are so pretty and eye-catching and complement our kitchen design very well.

This range makes for a beautiful centerpiece to our custom kitchen and we love it so much!

2. Build Quality and Materials

GE Monogram 48" Gas Range

Overall, the quality of the range feels very luxurious and high-end!

The control knobs have a nice weight to them and they’re actually solid brass pieces on machined metal knobs. I do notice how nice they feel every time I turn the burners on and off.

When we considered an even more expensive Wolf range, we felt that the overall build quality was worse than our Monogram range. We disliked the plastic knobs on the Wolf and thought they felt cheap in comparison.

Monogram Range Stove Top

The top border of the Monogram range is made from a single piece of stainless steel. This makes cleaning the range much easier as there aren’t any crevices that food can fall into.

I was also surprised that the ovens had soft-close doors and racks with smooth ball-bearing rails, which is a great feature!

Monogram Range Oven Rack

3. Heat Output

This is the first higher-end range we’ve bought, but even compared to the other ranges we were looking at, the Monogram can put out an insane amount of heat.

It has two 23,000 BTU burners which are so powerful that we typically only need to use up to medium-high heat because it gets so hot.

Monogram Range Burner

With this heat output, we get great results browning meats and even even our fried eggs turn out better than before.

These two larger burners also have an inner ring that helps deliver even heat to the pot or pan.

Pan of Food on Monogram Range

The high heat would work perfectly for cooking with a wok or other cooking styles that require very high heat.

A cool feature is that the grates are reversible to fit a round bottom wok perfectly!

Monogram Range Brass Burner

4. Controls

We love the control ring that’s used to set the oven’s temperatures for baking! Our previous oven required us to keep clicking the + or – button to reach the desired preheat temperature.

With these dials, you easily turn the knob to the desired baking temperature and press a single button.

We found the Monogram range to have very intuitive controls that are easy to use and even provide some safety.

Monogram Range Contorl Screen

The ring-lit LEDs are not just for style, they’ll illuminate when a burner or griddle is on.

This helps indicate that the stove is on especially when a burner is on and the flame is hard to see under the pan while cooking.

You won’t ever accidentally leave the stove on without knowing.

Monogram Range Control Knobs

After getting the range set up, I realized you can also set the LEDs to any color of your choice through the mobile app (but we always leave it white for a classy look).

The built-in timer on the range gives a 1-minute warning which we’ve come to love and use every time we cook.

It’ll give you some time to prepare for when the timer expires, like getting oven mitts. This way you’re not scrambling when you hear the timer go off.

The mobile app adds the convenience of being able to preheat each of the ovens from your phone.

What We Dislike

1. Patina of the Brass Burners

After using the range a single time, the brass burners turned a deeper yellow color and developed a patina, which is normal and to be expected according to Monogram’s product page.

The look of the pristine solid brass burners is what we originally loved about the range, so we swapped the burners for the grey ones that were included for a cleaner look.

Monogram Range Brass Burner

2. Griddle Cover is Easily Scratched

This is probably true for all stainless steel appliances, but the finish on the griddle cover is easily scratched.

Placing a cooking utensil spoon holder on top of the griddle cover only a couple of times resulted in small scratches.

We don’t put anything on the griddle cover anymore to keep it looking pristine.

3. Built-In Recipes

There’s a feature to scan compatible foods from the mobile app to precisely set the oven for cooking.

This felt more like a gimmick since we didn’t know how to find compatible food nor did we want to move away from the regular oven foods we’d usually get.

Monogram Range Oven Racks

Our Recommended Range Hood

We had an issue in our previous house where when we would cook steaks, it would smoke up the entire floor and leave a layer of grease.

For our custom home build, we wanted to ensure we had a hood that was powerful enough for the amount of heat this range could output.

Range Hood

The recommended range hood we ended up purchasing is the Best CP5 Series 1200 CFM range hood which has performed very well for a decent price.

We were debating if we should get the 24” deep range hood to provide more coverage for the front burners, but the 19” version we went with has more than enough suction to cover the front burners.

Optional Accessories

If you wanted to change the look of the range and add even more premium materials, Monogram has a designer line of handles and knobs.

They have a titanium option that I’d love to add to our range one day, but they’re a very pricey upgrade, and we’re more than happy with the brass accents.

Monogram Range Brass Oven Handle

Is It Worth the Price?

It’s been about a year of using the Monogram Range and we highly recommend it!

There’s so much that we love about it and the cons listed above are definitely not dealbreakers.

We’re not professional cooks or anything but find our food to cook evenly and turn out better than our previous range.

Monogram Range in Kitchen

The retail price is a little steep, but bundling the range with other appliances can end up saving you hundreds overall.

We ended up getting a Monogram 48″ Professional Range, drawer microwave, and dishwasher and have had a great experience with each appliance.

If you’re in the market for a high-end range, we’d highly recommend considering the Monogram line!


Monogram 48-inch Professional Range in White Custom Kitchen

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