If you’re looking for the best rattan furniture, I’ve gathered 13 trending ideas to incorporate into your home design today!

Rattan and cane furniture are trending in interior design yet have a classic timeless appeal. It has risen in popularity over the past few years because of the beautiful warmth and texture that it brings to a space.

Best Rattan Furniture

The rattan look is very versatile and complements many design styles like Japandi, coastal, boho, organic modern, and more.

When decorating my new custom home, I constantly came across so many rattan furniture options and have rounded up the very best ones!

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13 Best Rattan Furniture Ideas

Rattan Furniture

Kitchen & Dining Room:

1. Rattan and Cane Dining Chairs

One of the most popular trends in interior design I’ve seen all over Instagram and Pinterest lately is rattan dining chairs.

You can go for a light natural wood and rattan furniture design or a black and rattan combination that gives a bolder contrast.

From French Riviera-inspired chairs to trendy arched chairs, there are many styles to choose from.

Rattan Dining Chairs
Top Pick
Black Rattan Dining Chairs

Pottery Barn Lisbon Cane Dining Chair

This chair is a best-seller at Pottery Barn and brings so much contrast and texture to a dining room!

For more rattan chair options, you can check out this post on the 21 Best Rattan Dining Chairs.

2. Rattan Bar Stools

Many of the previously mentioned rattan dining chairs are also available in rattan bar stool versions.

Choosing a rattan or cane bar stool to complete your kitchen island or basement bar is an amazing way to introduce style and character to your space! There are many affordable bar stool options and high-end splurges to choose from.

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Rattan Bar Stools
Top Pick
Arched Bar Stool

Nathan James Bailey Arched Bar Stool

My favorite is this budget-friendly bar stool that gives your kitchen so much texture and style at a low price.

3. Rattan and Cane Sideboards

Incorporating a rattan sideboard into your dining room can add immense style and function! The subtle texture of the cane material brings a light and airy organic feel to the space.

I bought this beautiful Lulu and Georgia rattan sideboard for my formal dining room but ended up styling it in my office because I loved it so much!

Top Pick
Black Rattan Sideboard

Lulu and Georgia Hannah Sideboard

The Lulu and Georgia Hannah Sideboard is the exact rattan sideboard I bought for my office! I bought it in the Black color but it also comes in a beautiful Natural color if you’re wanting a lighter look.

I shared some photos below of how this exact sideboard looks in my home.

Rattan Furniture
Cane Furniture
I highly recommend this Lulu and Georgia Hannah Sideboard that I bought for my office!
Rattan Cabinet Sideboard

Nathan James Rattan Cabinet Sideboard

I’ve personally bought other Nathan James furniture for our home, which I’ve always found to be great value for the its affordable price!

For more pretty sideboard options, check out my post on the 23 Best Rattan Sideboards to transform any space, including more close-up photos of the exact sideboard I bought!

Living Room:

4. Rattan and Wicker Coffee Tables

When you think of a modern boho or coastal home design style, wicker and rattan coffee tables are an easy way to incorporate rattan furniture into your living room.

Rattan Coffee Table

It creates a warm and inviting focal point and adds a homey feel to the room. I personally prefer round coffee tables over rectangular coffee tables to avoid any accidental knee bumping on sharp corners but there are cute options for both!

Top Pick
Rattan Coffee Table

Amazon Sonia Rattan Coffee Table

Nathan James is a great place to buy low-priced furniture with high-end designer looks, and this coffee table has over 900 reviews!

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5. Rattan Side and End Tables

Choosing a rattan side table to style next to your living room sectional or accent chair is a low-cost way to introduce the rattan trend to your home. Many of these end tables have a coastal and boho style that adds a lot of unique character to a space!

Rattan Side Table
Top Pick
Round Rattan Side Table

Amazon Round Rattan Side Table

I love the warmth of the light brown wood combined with a rattan shelf to create a modern boho look. It has great value for the price and I personally love shopping at Nathan James for designer looks at low prices!

For more options, check out this post on the best rattan side and end tables.


6. Rattan Bookshelves

To create storage and space for displaying books and home decor, you can pick a pretty rattan bookshelf to style in your home office!

Rattan Cane Bookshelf

You can easily buy 2-3 bookshelf units and combine them together to fill a large empty wall. There are so many pretty options on Amazon to browse and get inspired. If you need more hidden storage for your office, there are bookcases that have closed cabinetry below to hide away clutter.

Top Pick
Rattan Bookshelf

Nathan James Rattan Bookshelf

This bookshelf has over 8,000 reviews on Amazon!

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7. Rattan Console Tables

To create an instantly inviting feel for your entryway, you can consider buying a rattan console table with drawers to help organize personal items and reduce clutter.

In my home, I bought this super affordable rattan sofa table and combined two units together to create one large unit to style behind our sectional. I love the subtle warmth it brings and it was amazing value for the low price!

Here is how this exact sofa table looks in my home:

Rattan Furniture
Top Pick
Rattan Console Table

Amazon Rattan Console Table

This console table is the exact sofa table I ended up purchasing for my own home!


8. Rattan and Cane Dressers

Introducing a pretty rattan dresser into your bedroom can make a huge impact with just one piece of furniture. The cane material brings a natural organic feel and helps achieve a relaxed and calming environment which is perfect for a bedroom.

Rattan Dresser

So many furniture brands offer really great rattan and cane dresser options including Anthropologie, Serena & Lily, Urban Outfitters, West Elm, and more!

Top Pick
White Rattan Dresser

West Elm Ida 6-Drawer Dresser

I love the bright and airy feel of the White / Natural color, but it also comes in a Black / Natural color option. The natural woven caning has a beautiful rounded silhouette that gives a subtle unique touch.

For more top picks, check out my post on the 21 Best Rattan Dressers for a cozy bedroom.

9. Rattan Beds

Another trending idea to incorporate into your bedroom is rattan beds! The cane material creates a serene and relaxing design and is a great focal point as the main feature of the bedroom.

I’ve seen so many rattan and cane beds all over social media and Pinterest lately and even though it’s currently trendy, it still has a very classic and timeless look.

Top Pick
Rattan Bed

Serena & Lily Balboa Rattan Bed

This bed is a popular choice with woven rattan surrounding a solid mahogany frame. The brass end caps on each leg add a unique modern touch!

10. Rattan Headboards

If you don’t want to buy a whole new bed frame, you can still achieve a similar look with rattan headboards.

There are many budget-friendly headboards to browse on Amazon and Target without having to spend too much to upgrade your bedroom look.

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Rattan Headboard
Top Pick
Rattan Headboard

Target Hearth & Hand Cane Headboard

This headboard is absolutely stunning! The Natural color is very pretty and introduces a cozy warmth to your bedroom!

11. Rattan Nightstands

If you already have a bed you like, you can easily swap out your bedside tables to rattan nightstands. This style has been rising in popularity and this trend is not going anywhere any time soon!

From Pottery Barn to Anthropologie, there are so many brands offering rattan bedside table options that are so pretty and will instantly transform your space.

Rattan Nightstand
Top Pick
Rattan Nighstand

Amazon Mina Rattan Nightstand

This nighstand is highly rated on Amazon with over 900+ reviews! It comes in various color combinations like Black, Oak, and White.

For more nightstand top picks, check out 23 Best Rattan Nightstands To Create a Cozy Bedroom.

Rattan Decor Ideas:

12. Rattan Lamps

If you don’t have the budget to swap out furniture in your home, an easy way to create warmth and texture is through rattan lamps! There are plenty of low-priced table lamps from Walmart, Target, and Amazon that don’t break the bank.

Rattan Lamp

In this post, we rounded up 19 Cute Rattan Lamps to Brighten Up Your Space!

In our bedroom, we styled this cute budget-friendly Amazon Rattan Lamp on our nightstand that instantly helped to create a cozy and inviting feel in our room! It would look great on a console table or end table as well.

Rattan Decor
Top Pick
Rattan Table Lamp

Amazon Rattan Table Lamp

It is highly rated on Amazon with over 200 reviews. It comes in various color options of Black Rattan or Natural Rattan and has two size options of 20” Tall or 26” Tall.

13. Rattan Mirrors

A beautiful finishing touch to decorating a bathroom or entryway console table is mounting a rattan mirror! Arched or round rattan mirrors are definitely having a moment and there are so many pretty options to choose from at all price points.

Rattan Mirror

Since rattan is a natural material, there is often a variation in color tone throughout the mirror frame that creates an organic and vacation-inspired look. Hanging these wall mirrors in a powder room or bathroom instantly creates a stunning feature!

Top Pick
Arched Rattan Mirror

Amazon Arched Rattan Mirror

The rattan frame adds so much texture and it would look great styled in a bathroom or above a console table! I love the variation in color tone throughout the natural rattan material.

To browse all our top picks, these are the 19 Best Rattan Mirrors You’ll Want to Buy!

In Conclusion

You can tell how much I love this style by how many rattan home decor pieces I have in my home!

I hope you found some inspiration to decorate with rattan furniture and decor! This trend is so popular in interior design but it also has a classic look that will stand the test of time.

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Rattan Furniture

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