If you’re on the lookout for a stylish and functional cabinet, an arched cabinet might be just what you need!

Arched display cabinets add a touch of luxury to any room and provide lots of storage for shelf decor.

I myself am looking to buy a tall storage cabinet for our custom home dining room and have rounded up the BEST arched cabinets on the Internet today! 

Check out these 9 stunning arched cabinets to find the perfect one for your space!

Arched Storage Cabinet

9 Best Arched Cabinets: 

1. Anthropologie Fern Arched Storage Cabinet

Arched Cabinet

Store: Anthropologie
Dimensions (in): 38 w x 16.25 d x 74 h
Price: $2,698

The Anthropologie Fern Storage cabinet is easily one of the most unique cabinets and completely breathtaking!

The best part of this arched cabinet is the three drawers on the bottom, which provide so much function and hidden storage! It even has a Carrara marble-top detail, which is so pretty and luxurious.

The color options are Sage, Grey, Warm White, and Black. The black cabinet frame with ash wood interior has a classic timeless look, while the white cabinet offers a softer feel.

But if you’re wanting a more unique look with a more unusual color, the sage storage cabinet is your best bet!

Anthropologie also offers a super cute Fern Bar Cabinet version!

2. Pottery Barn Scout Display Cabinet

Arched Storage Cabinet

Store: Pottery Barn
Dimensions (in): 38 w x 19 d x 84 h
Price: $4,199

The Pottery Barn Scout Display Cabinet is easily one of our favorite arched cabinet picks, especially in the beautiful Drifted Oak finish! 

It has such a unique design, perfect for displaying memorabilia, books, and vases through its glass doors, and finished off with antique brass hardware.

3. West Elm Payson Tall Cabinet

Arched Black Cabinet West Elm

Store: West Elm
Dimensions (in): 39.5 w x 16.5 d x 92.5 h
Price: Starts at $2,399

Our next top pick is the West Elm Payson Tall Cabinet, which would look amazing in a living room or dining room, taking your shelf decor to the next level! 

The iron frame is definitely a statement piece for any home, available in matte black and gunmetal color options. 

It’s also one of the taller options we found, which is great if you have tall ceilings!

4. Urban Outfitters Mason Storage Cabinet

Arched Hutch

Store: Urban Outfitters
Dimensions (in): 36 l x 16.75 w x 72 h
Price: $1,699

If you’re on a tighter budget, this Urban Outfitters storage cabinet is one of the lower-priced arched cabinet options on this list. 

This cabinet has two pull-out storage drawers on the bottom for hidden storage functionality. It comes in a variety of bright colors, but our favorite hands-down is the Natural color!

5. Crate & Barrel Ventana Arched Cabinet

Arched Display Cabinet

Store: Crate & Barrel
Dimensions (in): 39.5 w x 16.75 d x 92.5 h
Price: $1,899

The Ventana Glass Display Storage Cabinet is highly rated on the Crate & Barrel website. There are a lot of helpful customer photos and reviews to get an idea of how it might look in your home!

6. Target Opalhouse Arched Wood Cabinet

Arched Storage Cabinet

Store: Target
Dimensions (in): 28 w x 15 d x 60 h
Price: $430

This Target Opalhouse Arched Wood Cabinet is the most budget-friendly option on this list and has a trendy boho aesthetic! 

7. Lulu & Georgia Apolline Curio Cabinet

Arched Cabinet

Store: Lulu & Georgia
Dimensions (in): 38 w x 19 d x 84 h
Price: $4,199

I love that this Lulu & Georgia arched cabinet is raised off the ground and the combination of black and brown solid oak is so stunning!

8. McGee & Co Javier Cabinet

Arched Display Cabinet

Store: McGee & Co.
Dimensions (in): 40 w x 20 d x 83 h
Price: $6,375

The McGee & Co Javier arched cabinet has the most beautiful combination of wood and rattan! The rattan interior and drawer fronts are really unique and bring so much texture to this statement piece. 

And drawers are always a plus for hidden storage functionality in our books!

9. McGee & Co Brookes Cabinet

Arched Display Cabinet

Store: McGee & Co.
Dimensions (in): 40 w x 16.25 d x 86.75 h
Price: $2,500

The McGee & Co Brookes arched cabinet has a more unique arch shape and an all-black look. It’s a very simple and classic furniture piece that will stand the test of time!


We hope this post has helped you in your search for the perfect arched cabinet for your home. 

While arched display cabinets are currently very on-trend, they will stand the test of time as a beautiful statement piece for years to come!

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Arched storage cabinet

This post was all about the best arched cabinets for your home.


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