Searching for inspiring boho bedroom ideas to try in your home?

I rounded up 19 modern boho bedroom decor ideas that are simple and easy to incorporate into your existing bedroom.

Boho Bedroom

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I also shared the best rattan furniture to buy, including boho-style beds and nightstands, to achieve a retreat you’ll love relaxing in at the end of the day.

Continue reading to learn how to design a cozy and aesthetic boho bedroom!

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1. Modern Boho Bedroom Color Palette

Boho Bedroom Ideas

A popular color scheme for a modern boho-style bedroom includes earthy tones like terracotta, rust, sage green, tan, and cream.

These color tones create a balance between calm and energizing hues. Each color complements one another to create an inviting retreat that’s both aesthetically pleasing and soothing.

You can easily incorporate this color palette into your bedroom decor and furniture to create a beautiful resort-inspired bedroom design.

2. Textured Rattan Lamp

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Amazon Rattan Table Lamp

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A rattan lamp is a low-cost and easy idea to bring in warmth and texture through its unique woven details.

Consider adding a rattan table lamp to complete your nightstand or a floor lamp next to an accent chair in the corner of your bedroom.

This is an easy swap that will instantly elevate your bedroom decor!

Boho Bedroom Decor

For more ideas, check out these 19 prettiest rattan lamps to buy for your nightstand or dresser!

3. Rattan and Cane Bed

Boho Bedroom Decor

Rattan beds are a popular choice because of the warmth and natural textures that they bring into a space.

Cane and rattan bed frames introduce a serene and earthy charm with their intricate woven patterns.

With the bed being the largest piece of furniture in a bedroom, it becomes a natural focal point to anchor the room and make a big visual impact.

Check out this post for a roundup of the best rattan beds to buy to create a boho-style bedroom!

Boho Bedroom Furniture

4. Rattan Headboard

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Amazon Cane Headboard

Amazon Cane Headboard

For a low cost way to change up the look of your bedroom, this cane headboard will instantly create a boho aesthetic!


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If you don’t have the budget for a whole new bed but still want to change up your look, you can opt for a rattan headboard instead!

A rattan or cane headboard will equally create a beautiful focal point that adds natural charm and warmth to your bedroom.

Modern Boho Bedroom

There are plenty of affordable headboards that introduce subtle curves and organic textures to your boho bedroom decor and soften up the feel of the space.

For more options, you can find a roundup of the prettiest rattan headboard options to buy here!

5. Rattan and Cane Nightstand

Boho Bedroom Furniture

Adding a rattan nightstand to your boho-style bedroom creates both style and function.

Its woven texture brings a natural, earthy feel that aligns perfectly with a laid-back bohemian aesthetic.

Switching out your nightstands is a super easy way to change the entire feel of your room and infuse personality into your space.

Here is a list of the 23 best rattan nightstand furniture to buy at all price points!

6. Neutral Boho Chic Bedroom

Boho Bedroom

To design a boho chic bedroom, you can focus primarily on neutral color tones with lots of textures.

Think of textured jute rugs, knitted throw blankets, and cream and beige throw pillows for your boho-style bedroom decor.

This overall neutral aesthetic creates a relaxing and serene oasis to retreat to at the end of the day.

7. Moroccan or Vintage Rugs

Boho Bedroom Furniture

I love using plush Moroccan rugs or vintage rugs in a bedroom to create a bohemian-style interior!

They’re one of my favorite styles of rugs to use when decorating and the plush rug feels great on your feet.

I love the geometric designs and patterns that they introduce to help ground the room and add dimension and visual interest.

8. Natural Elements (wood, jute, earthy ceramics)

Boho Bedroom Decor

Boho-style bedrooms always have natural elements throughout their decor and furniture.

Natural materials are the secret to creating a space that not only looks inviting but feels warm and textured.

Think of a combination of wood, jute, and earthy ceramics that result in a cozy boho vibe.

Earth-toned ceramic vases are a great idea to bring in color, while layered jute rugs infuse texture into a modern boho bedroom design.

9. Rattan Dresser

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Amazon Rattan Dresser

Amazon Rattan Dresser

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A rattan dresser is not only functional for closed storage but can be a stylish statement for a bohemian bedroom!

They’re trending in interior design because of the beautiful texture and visual interest that they bring to any space.

Boho Bedroom Furniture

With a dresser being such a large piece of furniture, it can instantly make a big impact for the style of your bedroom.

There are so many cute rattan dressers to choose from and I rounded up the very best ones to pick!

10. Textured Walls

Modern Boho Bedroom

Create visual interest in your boho bedroom by DIYing a lime wash or Roman clay wall!

This creates so much movement and texture on an empty wall and results in a cozy and inviting feel.

From a light terracotta color to neutral or greige Roman clay options, there are endless color choices to choose from!

11. Layered Textiles and Fabrics

Modern Boho Bedroom

Layering textiles and fabrics adds depth and an eclectic charm to your boho bedroom.

I find that mixing textures and patterns creates a sense of comfort and cozy interior design.

These layered elements make your bedroom feel personal and lived in and are a great finishing touch to your decor.

12. Rattan Mirror

Boho Bedroom Decor

A rattan mirror is both practical and stylish in a boho-style bedroom!

Its natural frame infuses warmth and texture contributing to the bedroom’s eclectic charm.

These round-up of the 19 best rattan mirrors are amazing options to style above a dresser or mounted on an empty wall!

To add a feeling of spaciousness, consider hanging the mirror opposite a window or on an empty wall.

It not only enlarges the space visually but doubles as a statement decor piece.

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Amazon Rattan Arched Mirror

Amazon Rattan Arched Mirror

This budget-friendly mirror adds so much texture and would look amazing styled above a dresser!


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13. Eclectic Mix of Pillows

Boho Bedroom

An eclectic mix of pillows instantly elevates the boho style in any bedroom design. Aim to blend a variety of shapes, sizes, and patterns to create an effortless yet curated arrangement.

From tasseled pillows to embroidered patterns, this simple boho bedroom idea introduces a whimsical charm to create a global-inspired aesthetic.

14. Colorful Bedding

Colorful Boho Bedroom

Don’t shy away from color when it comes to cozy bedding for your room!

An unexpected pop of color through your bedding can create a big statement when paired with other laid-back neutrals and greenery.

This creates a unique bohemian style that reflects your favorite color and personality.

15. Floor Cushions and Poufs

Boho Bedroom Ideas

Floor cushions and poufs add seating, style, and versatility to your space.

Simply place a pair of Moroccan poufs at the foot of your bed to create a fun seating area while introducing global-inspired bedroom decor.

16. Woven Wall Baskets

Bohemian Bedroom with woven wall baskets above the bed

Woven baskets introduce a beautiful texture through their natural woven material and artisan-crafted look.

You can arrange them on an accent wall or above your bed to draw the eye and create an organic focal point.

Mix and match various sizes to hang on the wall for a homey and inviting feel.

17. Dreamy Canopy Bed

Boho Bedroom Ideas

Create a dreamy boho chic bedroom with a canopy bed draped with sheer drapery to add a whimsical touch.

This results in a light and airy bedroom decor that has a cozy and romantic feel. You’ll definitely want to relax and unwind here at the end of a long day!

18. Light and Sheer Curtains

Boho Bedroom Ideas

Consider hanging light or sheer curtains on a double rod to not only create privacy but also let plenty of sunlight into your cozy boho-style room.

These curtains soften the whole bedroom and result in a light and airy aesthetic.

19. Greenery and Hanging Planters

Boho Bedroom

Potted plants and hanging planters add a fresh touch of life to boho-style bedrooms.

Place greenery on your dresser or nightstands, or hang them from the ceiling by the window.

You can never go wrong with adding too many plants!


I hope you were able to find lots of inspiration and pick out some easy boho bedroom ideas to try in your home!

Boho Chic Bedroom

From woven wall baskets to rattan nightstands, any of these modern boho bedroom decor will help create a cozy and inviting retreat.

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