Looking for inspiring boho living room ideas to try in your own home?

I’ve gathered 27+ boho style living room ideas that are incredibly easy to incorporate into your existing living room decor.

Boho Living Room

I also shared the best rattan furniture to buy, including boho coffee tables and bookshelves, to achieve a cute boho-style home you’ll love.

From modern boho interior design to eclectic and vibrant bohemian style, you’ll find inspiration here for every aesthetic!

For more inspiration, check out these easy boho bedroom ideas to create a cozy and dreamy retreat.

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1. Modern Boho Living Room Color Scheme

Boho Living Room

A classic color scheme for a modern boho living room consists of beautiful earthy tones.

Think of colors like rust, terracotta, sage green, tan, and cream to bring into your home to create a cozy and inviting feel.

You can bring in this earthy color palette through rugs, throw pillows, vases, plants, and poufs to achieve this effortless boho vibe.

2. Mid-Century Modern Leather Sectional

Modern Boho Living Room

Incorporating a modern leather sectional into your living room works really well with a modern boho style.

Midcentury furniture blends the balance between an eclectic space and clean modern lines.

A leather sectional brings warmth to the space through its rich brown leather color and makes for a great focal point!

Top Pick
Amazon Poly & Bark Leather Sofa

Amazon Poly & Bark Leather Sofa

This sofa has a midcentury modern style in full-grain pure-aniline Italian leather and is highly rated on Amazon!


Amazon Prime

3. Boho Chic Living Room Decor

Boho Living Room

A boho chic living room style focuses on a curated and put-together neutral look.

Layering in cozy throw blankets and plush throw pillows helps to create an inviting atmosphere.

I love the boho chic style, which includes a sophisticated yet relaxed living room design.

4. Boho Rattan Lamps

Boho Lamps

Wicker and rattan lamps are an easy way to create a boho-style living room.

The artisan-made and handcrafted look of these rattan table lamps aligns with laid-back boho decor.

They add a natural organic feel with texture and warm tones that contribute to a casual boho aesthetic.

Top Pick
Amazon Henn&Hart Rattan Table Lamp

Amazon Henn&Hart Rattan Table Lamp

This cute rattan lamp is highly rated on Amazon with over 200 reviews. It comes in Black Rattan or Natural Rattan and has two size options of 20” Tall or 26” Tall.


Amazon Prime

5. Colorful Boho Living Room

Colorful Boho Living Room

You can also opt for a colorful boho living room with a global-inspired aesthetic.

Choosing an unexpected pop of color through your sofa can make a big visual impact!

Add vibrant and bright colors through a patterned rug, patterned textiles, and artwork to create an eclectic bohemian style.

6. Rattan and Wicker Coffee Tables

Boho Coffee Tables

One of the easiest boho living room ideas to try is incorporating a rattan or wicker coffee table as a focal point in your room.

I rounded up the 18 best rattan coffee tables to buy, including both round and rectangular options at all price points.

They’re a great choice because of all the warmth, texture, and style that they bring to a space.

Boho Coffee table
Amazon Nathan James Sonia Coffee Table

Amazon Nathan James Sonia Coffee Table

This rattan coffee table is highly rated on Amazon with over 900 reviews! I’ve purchased from Nathan James before and found their furniture to be of great value for an affordable price.


Amazon Prime

7. Jute Material

Boho Modern Living Room

Incorporate jute material into your boho living room decor for a natural and textured look.

You can achieve this through jute rugs, coffee tables, shelf decor, or accent chairs.

This adds another element of nature and warmth that contributes to a coastal boho aesthetic.

8. Greenery and Hanging Plants

Boho Living Room Ideas

Add lots of indoor plants and hanging planters to add a touch of nature and life to your boho-style room.

Hang planters at varying heights for a whimsical and cascading look. This results in a fresh and lush boho oasis right at home!

9. Rattan Side Tables

Boho Living Room Side Tables

Introduce the timeless charm of rattan side tables on either end of your sofa for more warmth and texture.

These pretty side tables are another way to create boho style in your space yet are perfectly functional to place cups or decor pieces, like books and vases.

The rattan, cane, or wicker material perfectly complements an effortless vacation-inspired feel.

Top Pick
Target Studio McGee Rattan Accent Table

Target Studio McGee Rattan Accent Table

This cute Target side table has high ratings with many customer photos to browse through to get an idea of how it will look in your home.

10. Hanging Egg Chair

Boho Living Room Decor

I personally LOVE bringing egg chairs indoors and especially hanging them from the ceiling!

I rounded up the best egg chairs to buy to create a resort-inspired cozy hang out spot.

Alternatively, you can hang a cozy hammock chair to create a comfortable and inviting corner in your boho-style living room!

Top Pick
Amazon Best Choice Wicker Egg Chair

Amazon Best Choice Wicker Egg Chair

This egg chair is one of the most highly rated chairs on Amazon with over 1,000+ reviews. I love the Ivory or Black color, but it also comes in gray or navy color options for a unique look!


Amazon Prime

11. Wood Coffee Table

Boho Living Room Decor

Ground your modern boho living room with the warmth of a wood coffee table. Bringing in wood material adds an organic element and a natural focal point.

Choose a coffee table with natural textures and wood grains that bring a rustic vibe to your bohemian-style interior design.

For more top picks, I rounded up the best round wood coffee tables to buy to create an inviting living room!

Top Pick
Amazon Modern Nesting Coffee Tables

Amazon Modern Nesting Coffee Tables

These pretty nesting coffee tables come as a set of 2 and are made out of solid wood. They are great value for the low price if you’re on a tight budget!


Amazon Prime

12. Boho Console Table

Boho Living Room Console Tables

A boho console table can effortlessly combine function and aesthetics in your living room.

Choosing a console table with storage is handy for creating closed storage to hide clutter through drawers and baskets.

You can place these boho console tables behind the couch or along an empty wall.

Wood or rattan details add texture and visual interest to a plain wall and elevate the back of a sectional.

Top Pick
Amazon Wood Storage Console Table

Amazon Wood Storage Console Table

I’m obsessed with the design of this Nathan James Sofa Table! The Warm Pine color is so pretty and the fluted drawer fronts are very on trend.


Amazon Prime

13. Boho Patterned Throw Pillows

Colorful Boho Living Room

Patterned textiles are a signature look for bohemian interiors. Choose colorful and patterned throw pillows on sofas and accent chairs to add a touch of bohemian style and charm.

Mix patterns like florals, geometric, tribal, and Moroccan designs for a free-spirited style.

14. Boho Rattan Accent Chairs

Boho Living Room Decor

Wicker, cane, or rattan accent chairs are a great way to add a bohemian vibe to living room seating.

Wicker furniture creates a textured and airy feel with natural materials that embody a signature boho look.

You can place a pair of rattan accent chairs side-by-side or include just one chair in the corner of your seating arrangement.

15. Rattan Bookshelves

Boho Living Room Bookshelves

Rattan bookshelves are one of my favorite boho living room ideas to try!

These boho-style furniture choices are currently very popular and trending hard in interior design.

Not only are they functional to display books, plants, vases, and photos but they add textured natural elements for a bohemian look in the living room.

Top Pick
Amazon Sicotas 5 Tier Rattan Bookshelf

Amazon Sicotas 5 Tier Rattan Bookshelf

I bought a console table from the same brand and found it to be excellent value for its low price! The rattan cabinet doors are very pretty and this is definitely an amazing low cost bookshelf to upgrade your space.


Amazon Prime

16. Low Floor Seating

Boho Chic Living Room

Embrace low floor seating for a casual and cozy vibe in your boho style living room!

Plush floor cushions or jute poufs create a laid-back and free-spirited boho design.

They are versatile seating solutions and are very easy to re-arrange as needed. You can also pair these floor cushions with a lower coffee table to match.

17. Boho Living Room Moroccan Poufs

Colorful Boho Living Room

Moroccan poufs are a great way to infuse a global-inspired and exotic look into your living room.

They’re a great choice for additional seating while bringing in vibrant patterns and textiles.

I love placing a pair of Moroccan poufs across the living room sectional to complete the conversation area.

18. Rattan Mirror

Boho Living Room Ideas

Rattan mirrors are extremely popular for a boho style living room!

The woven texture of rattan adds a natural organic element and texture to a plain wall above the sofa.

This is an easy way to fill up an empty wall while adding bohemian style.

I rounded up the best rattan mirror options to buy, including boho style wall mirrors and floor mirrors.

Rattan Mirror
Amazon Arched Rattan Mirror

Amazon Arched Rattan Mirror

The rattan frame of this mirror adds so much texture and it would look great styled above a console table! I love the variation in color tone throughout the natural rattan material.


Amazon Prime

19. Arched Bookcase

Boho Living Room Decor

Introduce architectural interest and character to your boho living room decor with a simple arched bookshelf.

The curved furniture design adds an unexpected and playful touch to the living room while providing shelving for displaying home decor.

I found the best arched bookcase options to buy at all price points here!

20. Moroccan Rugs

Boho Chic Living Room

One of my favorite ways to introduce a boho look to a living room is through Moroccan rugs!

This style of rug is what I look for personally when decorating a living room.

I love the simplicity and subtle design of these Moroccan patterned rug choices that help to ground the space.

21. Vintage Rugs

Boho Style Living Room

Adding a vintage rug is another signature boho design look. The vintage patterned rug creates a charming and lived-in element to a bohemian style living room.

Switching out your existing rug to a vintage rug can instantly transform your entire living room design!

22. Textured Wallpaper

Boho Style Living Room

If you feel like your living room walls are boring and bare, try installing textured wallpaper to create character and visual interest.

You can add depth with natural materials like grasscloth wallpaper to create an organic and nature-inspired boho design.

23. Arched Cabinet

Boho Living Room Furniture

These pretty arched cabinet options make a big impact in a boho living room!

I personally love the Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters arched cabinets that really embody boho style.

They have many color options to choose from that will suit a bohemian vibe! Its open shelves are a great spot to display boho living room decor, vases, and books.

Top Pick
Urban Outfitters Mason Storage Cabinet

Urban Outfitters Mason Storage Cabinet

This trendy arch cabinet has great value for the price and is very popular on social media!

24. Eclectic Boho Gallery Wall

Boho Living Room Ideas

An eclectic gallery wall is a great way to showcase your personal taste in a boho living room!

This simple gallery wall layout is interior designer approved and easy to re-create above your couch or empty wall.

You can use art frames and wall art with contrasting colors to create a beautiful eclectic boho look.

25. Macramé Wall Hangings

Boho Living Room Ideas

Macrame wall hangings are a simple way to infuse boho style in your living room.

You can buy them from Etsy or Amazon and easily hang them above your couch or along on an empty wall.

You can also incorporate macrame wall decorations within your gallery wall for an eclectic and curated bohemian interior.

26. Boho Living Room Wall Tapestries

Boho Living Room Decor

Hanging a large wall tapestry above your sofa makes a big visual impact and brings in a relaxed boho style to your living room.

These large art tapestries create an eye-catching focal point with patterns and geometric designs.

27. Whimsical Dreamcatchers

Boho Living Room

Dreamcatchers create a whimsical and dreamy atmosphere for a boho living room.

You can hang these boho decor on your windows, above the couch, or on any empty wall to create texture and visual interest.


I hope you were able to find many boho living room ideas to try in your own home!

From rattan and midcentury furniture to eclectic and vibrant wall art, any of these boho living room decor will be a pretty addition to your space!

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