When picking out nursery furniture and decor to prepare for our baby boy, we were very mindful of the pieces we chose to bring into the room, making sure that each item brought an element to the neutral minimalist nursery vibe we were going for.

It was important to us that the nursery decor complemented the rest of our home, which has a modern minimal style with clean lines and neutral colors.

In this post, we’re sharing how we decorated our gender-neutral nursery, along with all our modern nursery furniture and decor sources, and hope you’re able to gather some nursery ideas and inspiration!

Nursery ideas for gender neutral nursery, baby boy nursery, neutral nursery, modern nursery with minimalist aesthetic
Modern Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas

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Nursery ideas for gender neutral nursery, baby boy nursery, neutral nursery, modern nursery with minimalist aesthetic


Furniture Layout For a Small Nursery 

Our baby room is pretty small measuring at 8.5 x 10 ft. Because we wanted the nursery to feel as open and spacious as possible, we were very mindful about the furniture and decor we brought into the space.

On one side of the room, the crib acts as the main focal point at the center of the wall.

We purposefully left the surrounding crib areas empty to have some room for future needs, like storage for toys or a small reading nook if we wanted to create one in the future.

In front of the window near the corner, we chose a modern nursery rocking chair that had a minimal, sleek look and didn’t take up too much space. 

On the other side of the room, we considered getting the Ikea Hemnes 3-drawer dresser at first, but ended up with the Babyletto Gelato dresser instead because it takes up a lot less space than the Hemnes.

Being one of the larger pieces of nursery furniture, we made sure the dresser we bought was in white so it could blend in and “disappear” into the wall as much as possible without drawing your eye to it.

The nursery rug we chose for the baby room adds the perfect amount of pattern to the room and we kept the walls pretty minimal because of this.

Overall, our baby room still feels pretty open and spacious despite it being such a small space!

Modern Minimal Nursery Rocking Chair 

One of my favorite pieces in the nursery is our CB2 Saic Quantam Rocking Chair.

I came across this rocker years ago while browsing CB2 and instantly loved its unique sleek midcentury modern look.

We went with the stock fabric called “Notion, Gunsmoke” which reads as a light gray color. It’s a little hard to tell the true color based on the website photos, so I highly suggest getting the free sample fabrics that can be mailed to you if you can’t view the rocker in-store before purchasing.

We love how this rocking chair has a minimal look and doesn’t take up too much space in our small nursery.

I chose a simple side table beside the rocker in a white color to keep the space light and minimal.

These brass curtain rods are my favorite affordable modern rods from Amazon, which I highly recommend!

The Loha curtains in the color “natural” were already hung in this room, which used to be my office, and I knew they would complement the neutral nursery perfectly.

Neutral Tan & Earthy Nursery Colors

For the color scheme of our nursery, we wanted to keep the look neutral with earth tones.

We decorated this nursery for a baby boy but also wanted to keep the nursery gender-neutral for future children.

The crib we chose was the Babyletto Gelato Crib in Washed Natural (also sold at Target) which was the jumping-off point and foundation for our neutral nursery.

We decided to pull the trigger on the Newton Baby crib mattress for its breathability and also purchased the waterproof mattress pad.

The crib sheet adds a rich rust-tan pop of color to the space, along with a bit of a global-inspired boho touch. 

Nursery ideas for gender neutral nursery, baby boy nursery, neutral nursery, modern nursery with minimalist aesthetic
Crib in Washed Natural – Crib Mattress from Newton Baby – Crib Sheet from Mebie Baby

Nursery Wall Art Above Crib

I designed these nursery prints available at my Etsy art printable shop, The Minimal Print Co, with tan earthy colors to complement the crib sheet color.

It was also important to us to include biblical truths for our baby boy as part of his nursery wall art, including Psalm 139:14 and Jeremiah 1:5.

We hung the art in three 16×20 frames spaced around 3.5 inches apart above the crib with plenty of command strips to make sure the frames were secure.


Nursery Shelf Decor Above Dresser

We really love these super affordable Ikea floating wall shelves (see similar shelf here) which add a minimalist look to the dresser decor without being too plain.

For the dresser shelf decorations, I started by layering in the wall art (Joshua 1:9 and animal prints) and kept everything else pretty simple, displaying Baby’s First Year book and a modern rainbow abacus.

The faux eucalyptus adds a touch of greenery on the top shelf. The white art frames are in 12”x16” and the wood frame is 9”x9” from Ikea.

Lastly, my favorite basket for miscellaneous baby items is from Target, which comes in many versatile sizes.

Nursery Dresser Clothes Organization 

Drawer organizers are a must-have for dresser drawers, and we used these white drawer organizers from Ikea (see similar option from Amazon).

Nursery ideas for gender neutral nursery, baby boy nursery, neutral nursery, modern nursery with minimalist aesthetic
Nursery ideas for gender neutral nursery, baby boy nursery, neutral nursery, modern nursery with minimalist aesthetic

We’re so happy with how our gender-neutral minimalist nursery turned out and love how the baby room feels like a peaceful, calm environment with neutral muted colors.

We left some room for any future changes we need to make as we begin (actually) using our nursery once our baby boy arrives and will be sure to share any updates to the space!

We hope you were able to gather some inspiration and ideas for a gender-neutral nursery!

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