Looking for minimalist bedroom ideas to try in your home?

Here are 19 minimalist bedroom decor ideas to help you achieve a clean and modern aesthetic for your dream bedroom!

Minimalist Bedroom

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Designing a cozy minimalist bedroom is all about embracing simplicity and functionality.

Whether you want to makeover your bedroom into a relaxing retreat or declutter and streamline your room, it’s easy to achieve a modern minimalist bedroom design through these simple tips.

Continue reading for bedroom design inspiration that’s easy to achieve!

1. Neutral Color Palette

Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

Use shades of beige, cream, white, and warm grey to create a calm and serene feeling.

This neutral color scheme is my go-to aesthetic for a clean and relaxing look, which is perfect for a bedroom you’ll want to retreat to at the end of the day.

2. Natural Light

Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

Maximize natural light with large windows and light, airy curtains.

Bringing in more natural light into your bedroom not only brightens the room but also makes it feel larger and more inviting.

3. Greenery

Minimalist Bedroom

Add a touch of nature with an olive tree or a few small plants that bring greenery into your bedroom.

This is the exact Amazon olive tree used to decorate my parent’s bedroom shown above!

It’s the perfect plant to fill up a corner of the bedroom and bring in greenery to soften up the space.

Amazon Faux Olive Tree

Amazon Faux Olive Tree

This is my favorite budget-friendly faux olive tree to buy when decorating!


Amazon Prime

4. Minimalist Bed Frame

Minimalist Bed Frames

Here are my favorite minimalist rattan bed frames that bring in so much warmth and texture!

For a minimalist bedroom design, choose a bed frame with clean lines and minimal detailing.

A simple design keeps the focal point on the bed as the centerpiece of the room.

5. Boucle Swivel Chair

Affordable Walmart White Swivel Chair

This super affordable boucle swivel chair from Walmart is an absolute steal for the design and quality!

I have this exact accent chair styled in the corner of my primary bedroom and it completes my minimalist bedroom decor perfectly!

This trending chair has over 2,900 reviews on Walmart and it turned out amazing in my home.

Check out this post for more swivel accent chair options and to see close-ups of this Walmart chair!

6. Minimalist Art

Minimalist Bedroom Furniture

Less is more when it comes to decorating in a minimalist design style. Incorporate one or two pieces of simple, abstract art on the walls.

Choose artwork with minimal colors and designs to maintain the room’s minimalist aesthetic.

Here are some of my favorite affordable Amazon wall art to buy!

7. White Bedding

Minimalist Bedroom

Use crisp white bedding to enhance the simple minimalist aesthetic.

White bedding always reminds me of a comfortable hotel room and also adds to the airy feel of the space.

8. Arched Mirror

Arched Mirrors

Arched mirrors have been trending lately in interior design and instantly create an aesthetic look for your bedroom.

You can easily hang them above a dresser or get a floor-length mirror to fill up an empty wall.

Here is a roundup of the best arched mirrors to buy at all price points!

9. Natural Materials

Minimalist Bedroom Decor

Incorporate natural materials like wood, stone, and ceramic vases for a textured and earthy feel.

With a minimalist bedroom design being quite simple, these natural elements really bring the room to life!

10. Neutral Curtains

Modern Minimalist Bedroom

Use plain, neutral curtains to maintain a calm and cohesive look.

Neutral curtains blend seamlessly with the walls, enhancing the minimalist aesthetic of the room.

11. Minimalist Rug

Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

Choose a plain, neutral rug to add warmth and coziness without overwhelming the space.

A minimalist rug anchors the room without overpowering the other furniture and decor.

12. Cozy Textures

Minimalist Bedroom Decor

Add soft textures like a simple throw blanket or throw pillows to create warmth without clutter.

This adds comfort and coziness which are the perfect finishing touches to a minimal bedroom.

13. Minimalist Decor

Cozy Minimalist Bedroom

Limit bedroom decor to a few carefully chosen pieces that add character without cluttering up the space.

Stick to decor that creates texture like earthy ceramic vases, jute rugs, or rattan material.

14. Walnut Wood Tones

Cozy Minimalist Bedroom

Consider choosing walnut for your furniture’s wood tone since it produces a beautiful and rich warmth to your bedroom design.

Walnut paired with warm gray and cream is my favorite combination and always turns out amazing!

15. Statement Lighting

Minimalist Bedroom

Choose a sleek, modern light fixture as a statement piece.

Here’s a similar Amazon light fixture to what I bought for my bedroom shown above!

A striking light fixture can serve as the room’s focal point while keeping other elements understated.

Check out this blog post on where we bought all our primary bedroom sources from!

16. Rattan Lamps

Minimalist Lamps

I love incorporating rattan table lamps on a nightstand or dresser to bring warmth and texture to any room.

It’s a cost-effective way to bring in high-impact bedroom decor without breaking the bank.

Here is a roundup of the best rattan lamps to buy!

17. Moody Minimalist Look

Minimalist Bedroom Furniture

Create a moody minimalist look by incorporating darker, richer tones like deep charcoal, navy, or forest green.

Combine these colors with sleek, modern furniture and minimal decor for a cozy feel.

Dimmable lights and candles can enhance the moody ambiance and create a cozy, intimate bedroom.

18. Simple Side Table

Minimalist Bedroom

If you don’t have much to store inside your nightstand, you can opt for a simple side table as your nightstand for a minimalist bedroom look.

This works great for a guest bedroom and keeps the design very easy and simple.

19. Clean Lines

Minimalist Bedroom

Clean lines in your bedroom furniture result in an understated and simple bedroom design.

This makes for a great foundation for decorating with cozy and warm finishing touches to complete the space.


Minimalist Cozy Bedroom

I hope you were able to find lots of minimalist bedroom decor ideas to try for your own home!

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