This post is all about West Elm furniture and lighting reviews of products in our home.

We have personally bought West Elm furniture and light fixtures several times ourselves and with the lack of West Elm furniture reviews online, we thought we’d share our honest thoughts about these products in our house (this post is not sponsored). 

At the end, we also shared our customer service experience and whether we think West Elm furniture and lighting are good quality or not.

While furniture shopping, I’ve always been drawn to the modern style that West Elm offers which is why many of our home items are from this store! Plus, you can typically find most of their best sellers in the showroom to see how they look before purchasing, which is really helpful when furniture shopping.

Continue reading for reviews of our all-time favorite West Elm furniture and lighting purchases we’d buy again!

Sharing our West Elm furniture reviews, experience with customer service, and if West Elm furniture is good quality or worth it.

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Our West Elm Furniture and Decor Reviews:

1. West Elm Andes Sectional

Our living room Andes sectional definitely tops our list – we love this sofa so much! There are so many Andes sofa configurations to choose from, depending on what will work best for your space, all of which look so good! 

For our home, we chose the L-shape sectional, which is super versatile and maximizes seating for guests. Because of the symmetrical look, it also helps to rotate the bottom cushions for more even wear.

We’re very disciplined about rotating and fluffing the back cushions every so often and I feel it really helps to keep the sectional looking as good as new even after 4+ years of daily use!

Sharing our West Elm furniture reviews, experience with customer service, and if West Elm furniture is good quality or worth it.
Andes Sectional | 8×10 Rug | Poufs | Faux Plant | Art Frames | Throw Pillow | Coffee Table (similar)

The fabric we have is Stone Twill (which I think is not available anymore) but I would recommend ordering the free fabric swatches online to see accurate fabric colors.

The modern and minimal design of the Andes is what really drew us to it and I’m definitely bringing this sectional to use in our next house too!

Related: Check out our detailed review of the West Elm Andes sectional here.

2. West Elm Mid-Century Desk (Color: Acorn)

I have used this mid-century desk every day in my office for the past 2 years and it’s still as good as new! I’ve had no issues with it through daily use but note that you do have to be mindful not to jam your office chair armrests into the middle drawers.

I chose this desk because it really encompasses the mid-century modern look I was going for and truly anchors my whole neutral office. The acorn color is really beautiful and adds the perfect amount of warmth.

Sharing our West Elm furniture reviews, experience with customer service, and if West Elm furniture is good quality or worth it.
Desk | Monitor | Floating Shelves | Rug | Curtains

I love the large amount of desktop workspace it offers with 52″w x 24″d of space to use. One of my favorite aspects of this desk is its two deep drawers on the sides, enabling me to keep extra pens, paper clips, stapler, notebooks, and other office supplies hidden out of the way.

The center thinner drawer is really unique too and I love how I can hide away my planner and my most reached-for items until I need to pull them out for the day. These drawers are the main reason why I can maintain a very minimal and tidy workspace.

The desk comes fully assembled already and delivered to the room you need, which was helpful since my office was two flights up in our townhouse. If you’re looking for a midcentury modern desk, I’ve been really happy with this one!

For more details, read my full review on this West Elm desk here!

3. West Elm Finley Low-Back Dining Chair

We bought 6 of these West Elm Finley Low-Back Dining Chairs in the fabric Sand Distressed Velvet and absolutely love how they turned out in our dining nook!

West Elm Dining Chair Review

The Distressed Velvet fabric is super soft yet gives a textured look – it’s one of my absolute favorite fabrics from West Elm. The Sand color is a very pretty light warm gray color that complements our other neutral home decor.

For cleaning any stains, we’ve had success using Folex Spot Remover or our handy Bissell Cleaner for any tougher stains!

West Elm Dining Chair

4. West Elm Metalwork Console 60″

The West Elm Metalwork Console Table is the exact black console table we bought for our own home!

We purchased the 60″ width version since we had a larger wall to fill and it’s super slim at just 12 inches of depth. We had such a hard time finding a long AND narrow console table and are so glad we came across this option, which was perfect for us!

This metal console table looks so great in our space and I love that it has drawers for some added closed storage too. The black and gold combination makes this console table very modern and pretty!

West Elm Metalwork Console Table

5. West Elm Axel Leather Chair

In our living room, we have two West Elm Axel Leather Chairs side by side and it complements our sectional perfectly! I searched for leather accent chairs for a long time and immediately fell in love with the Axel chairs for our home.

We have it in the Nut Saddle Leather fabric, which is a very beautiful classic leather look. It brings warmth to our living room and the leather is buttery smooth to the touch.

You can also order free swatches on the website to help pick out what color works best for your space!

West Elm Axel Leather Chair

6. West Elm Solstice Console (60″)

I wanted the design style for our new custom home to be Japandi and Organic Modern. The West Elm Solstice Console Table fits this design style exactly and I was so excited to purchase this table and bring this piece into our home!

The unique waterfall look and texture of the console table brings a beautiful organic feel to the space and I highly recommend it!

West Elm Furniture Reviews

7. West Elm Slope Leather Lounge Chair

 We have the Slope leather lounge chair in the “faster ship” nut saddle leather color, which has held up really great over the past 3 years!

We really like the soft feel of the leather and the color is perfect to introduce some warmth to our home decor. The chair itself is pretty slim and has a smaller profile to it, which is great for smaller spaces, like in the corner of our small home office pictured below.

Sharing our West Elm furniture reviews, experience with customer service, and if West Elm furniture is good quality or worth it.
Lounge Chair | Shelves | Faux Plant | Throw Pillow | Rug

Because it’s quite slim, it’s obviously not going to be as comfortable as a full-on armchair. But in our case, an armchair would’ve been too bulky for this space and we specifically chose the Slope lounge chair because of its modern minimalist look!

8. West Elm Mid-Century Turned Wood Leg Planters

I’m so glad I bought these West Elm Midcentury planters years ago! We have the tall planter (color: White and Gold) next to our sectional in our living room pictured below.

The dimensions are 14″D x 23.6″H and I love the simple and unique design of the mid-century planter. To complete the look, we paired the planter with a faux snake plant and covered it with some moss.

Sharing our West Elm furniture reviews, experience with customer service, and if West Elm furniture is good quality or worth it.
Planter | Andes Sectional | 8×10 Rug | Poufs | Faux Plant | Coffee Table (similar)

I also ordered the alternate wide version in black and gold, but that version was a lot wider than I realized. I definitely like the tall planter version better due to the size being more proportionate to this space! If you have a really big plant, like a fiddle leaf fig for example, then the wide version could work well for that.

West Elm Light Fixture Reviews:

For our new custom home, we had to source a lot of lights for our house and ended up buying a bunch of West Elm light fixtures! After purchasing, installing, and living with these light fixtures, our opinion of West Elm lighting in particular is that it is good quality and we were very happy with these purchases!

Here are some brief reviews and photos of our West Elm light fixtures in our home:

9. Henry Pendant 16” – Powder Coated Ivory

For our kitchen island, we bought the West Elm Henry Pendants in 16” shade diameter, Powder Coated Ivory color, and Antique Brass finish.

West Elm Pendant Light

We LOVE how it turned out and the ivory color is so beautiful and complements our white kitchen. I love that the Henry pendant light comes in so many different color options and shade diameters. Being able to select the finish of the rods gives you many choices as well to create the exact look you want!

One of the pendant rods was delivered a little bit bent which we accepted a discount after contacting customer service. We tried to bend it back ourselves which worked a little bit but I don’t think you can really tell from looking at it as a whole!

10. Sculptural 2-Light Globe Sconce – Clear

We bought two of the Sculptural 2-Light Globe Sconces from West Elm for the double vanity in our kids’ bathroom and it turned out so cute!

We got it in the Antique Brass color, which is a very pretty gold, but it also comes in many other options like black, nickel and chrome.

West Elm Light
West Elm Light Review

11. West Elm Sculptural 3-Light Globe Chandelier

If you’re looking for a simple and understated dining chandelier, we recommend the West Elm Sculptural 3-Light Globe Chandelier!

We have this light fixture above our dining nook in the Antique Brass finish, 8.5” shade diameter, and Milk shade color and it looks great above our round dining table!

West Elm Light

12. West Elm Light Rods LED Semi-Flushmount

We bought the West Elm Light Rods LED Semi-Flushmount in Dark Bronze for Tim’s office/man cave!

We really like its unique look and thought the price was good for a statement light. It’s definitely a popular light fixture from West Elm and a few of our friends have this in their homes too!

West Elm Light

13. Sphere & Stem 3-Light Chandelier – Milk

While browsing the West Elm website, the Sphere & Stem 3-Light Chandelier always caught my eye and I knew I’d buy this for our custom home!

I considered this for my office but it ended up in our playroom which suits the space perfectly. I love its simple and Mid-Century Modern look, which will look great in any space.

West Elm Sphere & Stem Chandelier

14. Tala Nine Pendant Light Chandelier with Voronoi II Bulb

When searching for a statement light fixture for our staircase landing, I found the Tala Nine Pendant Light Chandelier with Voronoi II Bulb!

These Voronoi II bulbs are HUGE (6.5″diam. x 11.8″h each) and are extremely unique! We always get compliments on this light and love that it emits a warm color temperature, which is super cozy and inviting at night!

Another similar option is the Tala Basalt 9-Light Pendant which I considered for our home as well!

West Elm Light Fixture Reviews
West Elm Light Fixture Reviews

15. Wood & Ceramic Table Lamp (26″)

The Wood & Ceramic Table Lamp is the perfect lamp to complete our primary bedroom nightstand!

The earthy look from the ceramic base brings warmth and texture and the wood bottom adds visual interest. It’s just stunning and definitely one of my favorite purchases for our bedroom!

West Elm Furniture Reviews
West Elm Light Review

16. Rejuvenation Altona Barebulb Chandelier

Lastly, I wanted to include this Rejuvenation Altona Barebulb Chandelier which I know is not West Elm but from Rejuvenation (which is part of their family of brands).

We bought this chandelier for our primary bedroom in the Aged Brass Walnut finish and 26” length.

It’s really great quality and highly recommend it! The walnut and brass combination is very unique and we always get compliments on this light fixture.

We’re super happy with this lighting purchase and wanted to include this mini review for this Rejuvenation light as well!

Rejuvenation Light Reviews

Our West Elm Customer Service Experience

I’ve read online and heard about bad experiences with West Elm customer service, like furniture not showing up when it was scheduled to be delivered, but we’ve never experienced that in the numerous separate times we’ve ordered. 

The delivery people have always been great and there was only one issue one time. After our Andes sofa was delivered, I noticed a couple of scuffs on our wall and I notified West Elm of the damage from the delivery. 

They communicated back promptly with how to file a claim with their delivery insurance and we ended up getting $165 back. So in our case, we felt like we were pretty happy with their customer service and for compensating us. We patched the wall and it was all good.

Is West Elm Furniture Good Quality? 

I myself had wondered this years ago when I was researching online about ordering from West Elm to decorate our first home. Especially with a big purchase like our living room sectional, I was very nervous to order without first reading proper West Elm furniture reviews and whether the furniture would last.

After having a few different West Elm products for almost 4 years at this point, I would say it depends on what you get. If you go to a West Elm store in person to browse, that’ll be your best bet to really examine the furniture yourself before purchasing. 

For example, when we were searching for bedroom nightstands, we considered West Elm nightstands since we were already going to buy a bed from them. However, when we went in person to check it out we didn’t really think the nightstand drawers were that great for the price and we also weren’t a huge fan of their dresser drawers too, just from trying it out in-store. 

Alternatively, as we’ve mentioned before, we personally love the Andes sofa and find that to be great quality and we’ve had no issues with it after years of use! 

We hope you found this blog post on West Elm furniture reviews helpful!

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Sharing our West Elm furniture reviews, experience with customer service, and if West Elm furniture is good quality or worth it.

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    • Viv & Tim says:

      Hi Arti! You’re very welcome 🙂 The leg finish is a gunmetal color which is a very dark gray – I really like the color! You can also choose from a light brass as well.

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    I love those planters! I’ve never bought anything from West elm before, but I love all the neutral and natural colors they have.

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